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Date Miles Work Performed Performed by
08-04-2020 27632 Purchased at Lexus of Cerritos L/Certified. 30,000 mile maintenance performed. Brake pads + machined rotors, new tires.
01-01-2021 30578 Jan 1st mileage check
03-22-2021 34244 Changed engine air filter and cabin air filter (OEM) me
06-03-2021 36358 Changed oil with Toyota 0W20 oil and Lexus 04152-YZZA3 oil filter me
06-29-2021 37127 Rotated tires me
10-01-2021 39021 Got Harrop/Eaton electronically locking rear differential installed Valley Hybrids, Sacramento CA
10-01-2021 39021 While installing rear differential, shop discovered one of the rear parking brake hardwares was installed incorrectly. New rear brake rotors, parking brake hardware kit, and new brake fluid Valley Hybrids, Stockton CA
11-12-2021 42374 Rotated tires me
12-27-2021 42539 Changed oil with Toyota 0W20 me
01-01-2022 43266 Jan 1st Mileage Check
05-11-2022 45007 Replaced front brakes with Centric blank rotors and Akebono pads (RockAuto). Previously felt very warped Me
11-12-2022 47359 Changed oil with Toyota 0W20 and rotated tires me
01-01-2023 47508 Jan 1st mileage check
03-08-2023 48492 Greased driveshaft and UCAs, new wiper blades, cabin air filter me
07-09-2023 51903 Changed oil, rotated tires Me
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