2004 330i ZHP

Date Miles Work Performed Performed by
10-07-2003 0 Manufacture date BMW A.G., Munich, Germany
08-25-2007 45264 Purchase date European Motors Inc., Addison, TX
08-29-2007 45762 Repair bent passenger front wheel and replace tire. Joe Self BMW
08-29-2007 45762 Brake fluid flush (under warranty). Joe Self BMW
09-10-2007 46932 Repair bent passenger rear wheel, replace rear tires, and wheel alignment. Joe Self BMW
11-21-2007 49454 Oil service (under warranty) Joe Self BMW
05-24-2008 54607 Replace lower intake boot. Jackie Cooper BMW
12-08-2008 66323 Insp. 2 performed (oil and filter changed, engine and cabin air filters changed), wipers replaced, rear brake pads and discs changed, engine belts changed, DME sent to NJ for update, left LCA replaced, Voss Village BMW
12-08-2008 66333 Tail light fix: spliced parallel grounding wire from harness ground wire (brown) to tail light housing grounding tab (left and right). T. Clark
12-11-2008 66443 Alignment and key programming Voss Village BMW
12-11-2008 66444 Right fog light mounting tab repaired with epoxy. T. Clark
02-28-2009 69468 Front brake pads and discs changed. T. Clark
02-18-2010 78997 Left inner tie rod replaced, alignment performed, and wipers replaced. Voss Village BMW
03-31-2010 80643 Oil and filter change T. Clark
05-03-2010 81908 Power steering fluid changed T. Clark
09-01-2010 84226 Subframe inspection (no faults found) Voss Village BMW
03-31-2011 86847 Windshield replaced Voss Village Chevrolet
04-14-2011 86971 Left front wheel bearing replaced T. Clark
06-11-2011 88349 Oil and filter change, transmission fluid change (2L Royal Purple Synchromax) T. Clark
07-23-2011 89728 Replace battery with AutoZone 49-DL T. Clark
11-20-2011 90643 Repair front left collision damage ($4,755 paid by insurance) Body Tech
11-15-2011 91523 Alignment BMW of San Antonio
11-20-2011 91800 1 qt oil top-up T. Clark
01-18-2012 92650 BMW Performance engine air intake installed T. Clark
02-06-2012 92764 Repair VANOS with Beisan seal and anti-rattle kits; replace VANOS and valve cover gaskets (Gen. BMW) T. Clark
02-06-2012 92764 Turner Motorsport Power Pulleys installed T. Clark
02-06-2012 92764 Coolant system refresh (Behr t-stat, Stewart water pump, Gen BMW upper/lower radiator hoses and temp. sensor, Meyle exp. tank); differential oil changed with new crush washers (RedLine 75W-90); spark plugs replaced (Bosch) T. Clark
08-22-2012 95158 Oil service (BMW 5W-30, Mann filter); brakes bled (BMW DOT 4); tires rotated side-to-side (center caps updated) T. Clark
09-02-2012 95485 Brake fluid flush (ATE Super Blue) T. Clark
09-12-2012 96087 Inspection 1 (incl. microfilter change) T. Clark
09-01-2012 96375 Alignment H1 Performance
11-16-2012 97764 DISA rebuilt with GAS kit; upper and lower intake boots replaced; ICV cleaned T. Clark
04-17-2013 103976 Oil service; oil drain cover installed T. Clark
07-16-2013 108058 Right front window regulator replaced T. Clark
10-03-2013 111781 Genuine BMW clear light housings installed: front corners, side markers, rear taillights. T. Clark
10-12-2013 112240 Brake fluid flush w/Pentosin DOT 4 LV T. Clark
10-19-2013 112600 Square wheels: swap tires from OE rear wheels (8.5") to OE front wheels (8.0") Discount Tire
12-30-2013 113759 Oil service T. Clark
01-04-2014 113952 Four new Michelin Pilot Sport A/S 3 (245/35ZR18) Firestone
02-13-2014 116283 Replace front left brake pad wear sensor (ÜRO) T. Clark
02-20-2014 116822 Replace flat tire (Michelin Pilot Sport A/S 3) Discount Tire
04-19-2014 119149 Alignment H1 Performance
05-17-2014 120513 Engine (Wix 46301) and cabin air (Mann) filters replaced T. Clark
05-23-2014 120819 Fuel filter changed (Mahle), coolant flushed (Gen. BMW blue), tires rotated T. Clark
05-24-2014 120819 Oil (BMW 5W-30) and filter (Mahle), transmission oil (Red Line MTL), and differential oil (Red Line 75W90) change. T. Clark
07-25-2014 123963 M3 front sway bar installed T. Clark
10-17-2014 128148 Brake fluid change (Pentosin DOT4LV) T. Clark
11-27-2014 130268 Oil (BMW 5W-30) and filter (Mann) change T. Clark
11-28-2014 130268 Replaced front struts and rear shocks (Sachs), f/r strut/shock mounts (Lemförder/Sachs), front bump stops (Rein) and dust boots (Gen. BMW), left front spring (used OE), rear swaybar bushings (Lemförder), LCABs (Gen. BMW Z4M offset), wiper blades (Gen. BMW), and installed f/r reinforcement plates (Gen. BMW) T. Clark
02-22-2015 135096 Replace front left window regulator (Dorman lifetime warranty) T. Clark
05-11-2015 139181 Oil service: 7 qt BMW Twin Turbo Power 5W-30, Mahle filter, rotated tires T. Clark
06-18-2015 140301 Replaced refinished wheel w/OE; rebalanced Discount Tire
09-04-2015 144072 Tires rotated, fronts rebalanced Firestone
10-10-2015 145974 Replaced radiator, exp. tank, mounting bracket, coolant. Taillight & pass. airbag recalls performed. BMW of Las Vegas
01-24-2016 150000 Replaced CCV (Gen. BMW cold-wx ver.; not return pipe nor dipstick drain hose), spark plugs (Gen. BMW), pre-cat O2 sensors (OEM Bosch), thermostat (OEM Mahle), power steering reservoir (OEM ZF) & clamps (ECS), oil filter housing gasket (Gen. BMW), steering column guibo (Gen. BMW), engine belts (OEM ContiTech). Cleaned throttle, ICV, & MAF. Topped-up p/s fluid (O’Reilly ATF) & coolant (Gen. BMW). Changed oil (M1 0W-40) & filter (OEM Mann). Added ///M oil cap (Gen. BMW). T. Clark
03-02-2016 151515 Transmission (Red Line MTL) & differential (Red Line 75W90) oils changed; tires rotated T. Clark
03-05-2016 151588 Brake fluid change (Pentosin DOT4LV) T. Clark
04-19-2016 153030 Wheels balanced
07-26-2016 154978 Install UUC DSSR; replace 2x exhaust studs w/M10-1.5 x 50 class 8.8 bolts & copper nuts (Gen. BMW p/n 40 452) Alamo Tire
11-05-2016 157208 Replace battery w/Duralast H8-DLG T. Clark
11-10-2016 157344 Right–front window regulator replaced (Dorman Lifetime Warranty via Amazon) T. Clark
11-11-2016 157442 Four-wheel alignment; recall 15V-318 Driver’s Air Bag Module performed BMW of El Paso
11-12-2016 157537 Tires rotated T. Clark
02-20-2017 159875 Oil service: 7 qt Mobil1 0W-40, Mann filter, rotated tires T. Clark
05-27-2017 162206 Replace fuel pump (OE Siemens VDO), fuel pump seal ring (OEM Rein), fuel filter (OE Kayser). Install M3 fuel baffle (Gen. BMW) T. Clark
06-20-2017 162867 Window regulators replaced (driver rear, pass. front, pass. rear; Gen. BMW) BMW of El Paso
07-06-2017 163326 New tires installed/balanced (Michelin Pilot Sport A/S 3+ 245/35R18) Discount Tire
09-27-2017 165026 Replace wiper blades (Bosch ICON) T. Clark
01-15-2018 167566 Oil service (7 L BMW 5W-30, OE Mann filter); brake fluid replaced (OE Pentosin DOT4LV); tires rotated; CCV return hose replaced (OEM Rein), R&R oil dipstick tube to verify unblocked CCV drain T. Clark
01-15-2018 167566 Thermostat gasket (aftermarket Fel-Pro) & radiator coolant replaced (OE BMW coolant); tire puncture patched (Discount Tire) T. Clark
01-15-2018 167566 “O2Pilot mod”: conntected intake manifold to CCV with 1/8" vacuum hose (reduces oil consumption by equalizing pressure between cylinders and crankcase under deceleration) T. Clark
03-09-2018 169055 Bank 2 post-cat. O2 sensor replaced (OE Bosch) T. Clark
12-02-2018 173282 Front, rear, & parking brakes replaced (OEM Zimmermann discs, Akebono EUR946 & 683 pads, OE Pagid parking brake shoes, Gen BMW expanders, OE ATE springs/hardware); tires rotated T. Clark
08-16-2019 174739 Replace left rear wheel bearing S.H. Automotive
09-07-2020 182933 Inspection II: oil service (6.5 L BMW 0W-30, OE Mann filter); transmission & differential oils replaced (Red Line MTL & 75W90, OE fill & drain plugs); power steering fluid replaced (O’Reilly ATF); brake fluid replaced (OE Pentosin DOT4LV); coolant replaced (Gen. BMW); tires rotated (rearward cross); intake & cabin filters replaced (Napa XXXX, OE Corteco); headlights polished; grilles Plasti Dip’d T. Clark
09-10-2020 183006 Front right puncture repair Discount Tire
09-13-2020 183016 Lamin-x film on headlights, turn signals, & fog lights T. Clark
07-26-2021 185709 Airbag recall (SIB 65 01 20) Sandia BMW
07-26-2021 185757 Replace battery (Duralast Gold H8-DLG) T. Clark