2002 BMW 330Ci

Date Miles Work Performed Performed by
09-29-2015 164339 Exhaust Camshaft Position sensor replaced Signature BMW
10-29-2015 165745 CCV replaced Headlight Adjustment Signature BMW
11-30-15 165759 Fuel Tank Vent Valve Signature BMW
09-15-2016 165773 Valve cover breather hose replaced Signature BMW
01-31-2016 165958 Replaced Heater Core and o-rings. Self
01-20-2016 166111 Replaced HCV, used Genuine BMW part Self
03-23-2016 166111 A/C Tensioner replaced Signature BMW
03-03-2016 168032 Thermostat Replacement, Wahler Topped up with 50/50 BMW Coolant Self
04-07-2016 168564 Replaced Shifter bushings FCP Kit Self
05-31-2016 172000 Replaced Spark plugs NGK (3199) BKR6EQUP Self
06-27-2016 172531 Suspension Refresh: Bilstein B4 shocks and struts Sway bar bushings (Rein) Steering coupling (BMW) Trailing Arm bushings (Meyle) Tie Rod ends (Meyle) Control Arms (Meyle HD) Sway bar endlinks (Meyle HD) Strut Mount (Meyle) Self
06-12-2016 173751 Alignment Firestone Complete Auto
07-17-2016 173851 Brake Booster Replacement, junkyard Self
07-12-2016 174000 Replace Diff. Fluid (Redline) Replace Fluid in Transmission Check brakes. Signature BMW
08-11-2016 175000 Fuel Filter replaced with MAHLE unit Signature Independent
08-16-2016 175032 Added a quart of oil. Self
10-24-2016 176085 Alternator Replaced, Valeo rebuilt unit. Self
10-24-2016 176085 DISA Rebuilt via G.A.S kit Upper intake boot replaced (OEM) Self
12-19-2016 176402 Rear tires replaced with Continental Extreme Contact DWS 06. 245/40R17 Discount Tire
12-20-2016 176423 Replaced bad radiator cap with OEM one Self
01-09-2017 176839 Replaced Brake Booster, A-1 Cardone rebuild unit. Self
01-10-2017 176848 Muffler replaced with Vibrant performance muffler Muffler King Brake and Radiator
06-02-2017 180142 Oil Change, Liqui-Moly 5W-40 Leichtlauf High Tech. Self
06-05-2017 180187 Reset of DSC module via static discharge Europro Automotive
06-17-2017 180902 Replaced Radiator (Nissens) Replaced Vanos Oil Line (Victor Reinz) Replaced Pass. seat belt tensioner cable (Genuine BMW) Replaced RTAB (UUC) Self
07-15-2017 183138 Replaced DSC Unit (Junkyard) Self
07-15-2017 183138 Brake Fluid flush (Pentosin DOT4 LV) Self
01-21-2020 192726 BMW Recall for Pass. Airbag BMW of Spokane
01-22-2018 194532 Replaced OEM tail lights with Eagle Eye LEDs due to tail lights filling with water Self