2004 BMW 330i ZHP

Date Miles Work Performed Performed by
04-23-2004 0 BMW Welt (From Instagram)
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Car assembled in Munchen: http://www.mediafire.com/view/vjjdssu2c2tbyw9/km07261.pdf
07-23-2010 90034 Water pump replaced by PO BMW of Tulsa
12-29-2010 100039 Spark plugs replaced by PO BMW of Tulsa
02-01-2011 101000 Oil change. Castrol fully synthetic 5W-30. PO. PO
02-01-2011 101000 Wipers replaced PO
02-01-2011 101000 Brake flush. PO PO
02-01-2011 101000 Coolant flush. PO. PO
02-01-2011 101000 Power steering flush. PO. PO
03-01-2011 103000 CCV and hoses replaced. PO. PO
03-01-2011 103000 Fuel filter replaced. PO. PO
03-01-2011 103000 Fuel injector flush. PO. PO
03-01-2011 103000 Projector fog lights installed by PO. PO
05-01-2011 106000 A/C evaporator serviced by PO. PO
05-01-2011 106000 A/C microfilter replaced by PO PO
05-01-2011 106000 Balanced all wheels - no bends were found. PO
12-01-2011 120000 Rotors replaced (R1 Concepts, Drilled/Slotted) PO
12-01-2011 120000 Rear pads (Textar) PO
01-01-2012 122000 BMW Performace Short Shift Kit PO
02-11-2012 124000 Purchased car from Oklahoma. image
02-18-2012 124164 Both front window regulators were replaced. The passenger side was acting up and the driver side was replaced preventatively. Ryan
02-18-2012 124164 The car wasn't getting completely up to temp. Thermostat was replaced and the issue was resolved. Ryan
02-19-2012 124164 The front brake rotors were slightly warped. I had them machined down to eliminate the warpage. O'Reily
02-19-2012 124164 Front brake pads replaced with Posi-Quiet ceramic pads. Ryan
03-11-2012 124852 Oil changed with Mobile1 0W-40 European synthetic and an OEM Mann filter. Ryan
03-24-2012 125048 Front bumper and hood were resprayed due to excessive rock chips in the paint. Addison Collision
04-01-2012 125309 Small tear in the driver seat bolster was patched with OEM alcantara. 43af8993-e76b-52ec Ryan
04-20-2012 125881 Carbon fiber splitters from Khoalty.com were ordered and installed. Ryan
04-20-2012 125881 Faded headlight covers were replaced with new lenses from Khoalty.com Ryan
05-05-2012 126462 Car was 'clayed' using an Autoscrub Nanoskin pad on a DA polisher. Ryan
05-05-2012 126462 The car was polished using Meguire's 105 with and orange LC pad and 205 with a white LC pad. Ryan
05-05-2012 126462 The car was glazed using Poor Boys White Diamond Glaze. Ryan
05-05-2012 126462 Sealed the car with Chemical Guys Jetseal 209. Ryan
05-05-2012 126462 The car was waxed with a layer of Dodo Juice Light Fantastic and then a subsequent layer of Dodo Juice White Diamond.
05-05-2012 126462 Treated black trim pieces on the car with Chemical Guys Back to Black. Ryan
05-10-2012 126462 Applied black vinyl over the aging Shadowline trim. Ryan
05-10-2012 126462 Angle eyes transfered from XI Ryan
05-10-2012 126462 Kidney grills painted black to match Shadowline trim. ImageUploadedByTapatalk1336694517.045495 Ryan
05-10-2012 126462 Yellow Lamin-X applied over the fog lights. Ryan
05-10-2012 126462 Paint protection film applied over hood and bumper Ryan
05-10-2012 126462 LED Tail lights installed from XI Ryan
06-17-2012 127139 Basslink II installed in trunk. PHSh5 Ryan
07-17-2012 127898 Aging shift knob replaced with new OEM ZHP 6sp knob sourced from GetBMWParts.com Ryan
07-21-2012 127950 Had some pictures taken: image image image Seth August
09-18-2012 128646 Audiovox Mediabridge installed Ryan
11-03-2012 129850 Oil changed with Castrol European 5W-40 and OEM Mann filter Ryan
11-04-2012 129929 Power steering flush with Valvoline Dex III ATF. MAdkn Ryan
11-09-2012 129947 Eurocharged custom tune loaded on the car. 7KI1x Eurocharged (Seth)
11-09-2012 129947 Coolant expansion tank exploded while on a Dyno and was replaced with new OEM tank. SdClFAd Indy shop
11-17-2012 130092 GruppeM CF intake installed Ryan
11-17-2012 130092 Waxed for the winter with Collinite 476. Ryan
12-08-2012 130560 Winter wheels swapped on. j3XzN Ryan
02-18-2012 132580 Slight leaking from rainwater suspected near driver footwell lip, so the both door vapor barriers were sealed with butyl tape. Additional tape was added to improved sound deadening. No leaks were observed after the barriers were resealed. Ryan
02-22-2013 132600 Hydraulic belt tensioner (11-28-1-717-188-M40) was replaced. Ryan
02-22-2013 132600 Water pump/alternator pulley (11-28-1-748-131-M40) replaced. Ryan
02-22-2013 132600 A/C belt tensioner (11-28-7-512-758-M40) replaced. Ryan
02-22-2013 132600 Idler Pulley (11-28-7-841-228-M40) replaced. Ryan
02-22-2013 132600 BavAuto metal water pump pulley installed to insure no pulleys shatter. Ryan
02-28-2013 132650 Installed Infinity low range speakers in front doors. 04q9Wu7 Ryan
04-30-2012 133500 K&N air filter washed and oiled with K&N cleaning kit. Ryan
05-03-2013 133556 Oil change with TOTAL Quartz INEO MC3 5W30, Full Synthetic, Mann Filter Ryan
05-03-2013 133556 LubroMoly MOS2 AntiFriction (Full can added to oil) with oil change. Ryan
05-03-2013 133556 Gunk MF3 High Mileage Motor Flush used immediately prior to changing oil. Ryan
06-02-2013 134480 German Auto Solutions DISA installed Ryan
06-02-2013 134480 German Auto Solutions Red AL coolant cap installed. Lower pressure tolerance should prevent the expansion tank from exploding under stress. Ryan
06-02-2013 134480 3000k 35W HID Foglights installed Ryan
06-07-2013 135008 Rogue Engineering Power Pulleys Installed Ryan
06-07-2013 135008 Replaced tensioner pulley bolt with hex head version. This should prevent stripping when the hydraulic belt tensioner is being compressed. Ryan
06-07-2013 135008 Polished with Megs 105/205. yeTQnKj Ryan
06-07-2013 135008 Meguires Gold Class topped with Nanotech wax. Ryan
06-19-2013 135202 Replaced worn front control arm bushings with AKG Poly 85A bushings. naUOXJX reXLedm Ryan
06-19-2013 135202 Replaced front pads with posi quiet pads. Ryan
06-19-2013 135202 Replaced front rotors with centric drilled/slotted rotors from BrakeYourself.com Ryan
06-19-2013 135207 Alignment with 12 month warranty. dNMhRdg Acorn Tire
10-05-2013 137300 Voltage regulator replaced with OEM Bosch W0133-1665703-BOS Ryan
10-19-2013 137500 Oil change with Mobile1 0W-40 Full Synthetic, Mann Filter Ryan
10-19-2013 137500 LubroMoly MOS2 AntiFriction (Half can added to oil) Ryan
10-23-2013 137500 Fuel pump failed (in the garage, immediately following an oil change!) and was replaced with OEM VDO pump. Ryan
11-09-2013 137700 Klasse Glase applied over Collinite 476 for the winter. Ryan
12-14-2013 138000 Switched to winter wheels. C2zN3kY Ryan
04-12-2014 140000 Switched to summer wheels. Ryan
04-12-2014 140000 Opti-Seal applied Ryan
05-16-2014 140600 Car wouldn't start (again in the garage!) and didn't turn over. Push started and taken to the shop who diagnosed it as a bad battery (insufficient amperes). Battery was replaced with an Interstate battery. Starter was also tested and was reported to be in good condition. Tom's Auto
05-17-2014 140600 Studs and spacers installed. 12 and 15mm Ryan
05-25-2014 140670 Replaced steering coupler (guibo) with new oem part from ECS. Was experiencing steering wheel shake at highway speeds. Shaking is no longer present. Ryan
06-01-2014 140750 Replaced CCV and and all hoses with BMW's cold weather version from ECS. Ryan
06-01-2014 140750 Cleaned dipstick tube to remove 'mayo' build up. Complete blockage was found in the fork running to the ccv. Ryan
06-01-2014 140750 Oil change with Amsoil LL-01 5W-40 European full synthetic. Ryan
06-01-2014 140750 wash and vacuum Ryan
06-04-2014 140775 Installed ECS carbon fiber front strut bar. ECS Strut Bar Ryan
06-07-2014 140800 Actual milage... Passenger front window switch broke off. Replaced with oem switch from ECS. Untitled Ryan
06-07-2014 140800 Blower motor replaced because of cricket noises. OEM ACM replacement from ECS. image Untitled Ryan
08-27-2014 141600 Painted brake calipers Ryan
09-27-2014 141730 Full paint correction with Megs 105 & 205, topped with Pinnacle Black Label polish and sealant. Ryan
11-04-2014 142533 Switched to winter wheels. Untitled Ryan
11-18-2014 143239 Added a bottle of Amsoil P.I. to the fuel. Ryan
01-02-2015 145100 Installed DDM Tuning Ultra HID replacement bulbs. 4500K color temp. Lifetime warranty from DDM.
01-09-2015 145700 Topped off coolant... was getting a low coolant level light on startup in subzero temps. Ryan
01-10-2015 145750 Topped off oil with ~1/2 a quart Ryan
01-11-2015 145750 Replaced alternator with 150 amp version.
01-11-2015 145750 Installed OEM-style M-Tech2 fog lights and trim. (Replaced projectors installed by PO and removed HIDs) Ryan
01-17-2015 146300 New OEM Pilkington windshield installed. Glass Doctors
01-18-2015 146305 Oil change with Amsoil European Car Formula 5W-40 Synthetic Motor Oil. Cleaned with SeaFoam immediately prior to oil change - ran in car for 20 mins. Installed MTC Magnetic Oil Drain Plug.
01-18-2015 146305 Washed! Ryan
01-24-2015 146720 Replaced fuel filter with oem Mann
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02-21-2015 148450 Washed Ryan
02-22-2015 148450 Installed Koni FSDs with Eibach Pro Kit springs and new hardware.
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02-25-2015 148620 Alignment
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Dale's Service Center
05-22-2015 151990 Oil Change - Amsoil 5W40 European Car Formula Full Synthetic Ryan
05-25-2015 152700 Replace cracked fog light Ryan
11-22-2015 156580 Transmission and Rear Diff Oil Change
Trans fluid: Redline D4ATF
Diff: Redline 75w90
03-19-2016 157100 Oil change with Castrol Edge 0W-40 full synthetic LL01 Ryan