2003 BMW 330i Performance Package

Date Miles Work Performed Performed by
03-01-2003 0 Car Manufacturerd BMW A.G., Munich Germany
06-03-2021 0
10-06-2003 6514 Defect code # 0061860100 E46 Encoding LSZ (light switch centre) East Bay BMW
11-08-2003 7732 Service code # 41630041 Fuel filler flap Poorly adapted/fitted (note: the check engine light will illuminate if the fuel cap is not tightened. This is most likely what happened). East Bay BMW
12-19-2003 9096 Service code # 12130012 Ignition coil Permanent failure East Bay BMW
06-19-2004 14839 Service code # 85990089MP Oil change, new tires, certified pre-owned inspection BMW of Fremont
06-27-2004 14840 Car purchased by me BMW of Fremont
07-24-2004 17040 Waxed w/ Zaino me
11-21-2004 22600 Rear differential leaking. Replaced differential bolts and used lock-tite to secure (warranty) BMW of Fremont
11-27-2004 22674 Oil & Filter changed me
12-26-2004 23637 Car ran rough and SES light illuminated. All 6 coil packs replaced. (warranty) BMW of Fremont
02-03-2005 25294 * Rear differential still leaking. Dealer replaced rear differential gasket. (warranty)
* Intermittent erratic idle when at a stoplight. Known problem, BMW service measure #B12-207-04. Dealer updated digital motor electronics (DME). (warranty)
* FM radio fades in/out of stereo. Known problem, BMW service measure #B65-209-04. Dealer replaced BM53 radio tuner. (warranty)
BMW of Fremont
02-05-2005 25321 Removed clutch delay valve (CDV) me
02-05-2005 25321 Changed transmission fluid, replacing with Redline D4 ATF. me
03-05-2005 26765 Waxed car w/ Zaino me
03-09-2005 26775 Replaced all 4 tires with Michelin Pilot Sport PS2s (OEM sizes) Mounted & balanced by Custom Alignment (Mtn View)
04-26-2005 29784 Inspection I (including an oil change) performed BMW of Fremont
07-23-2005 33484 Waxed car w/ Meguiar's NXT me
10-07-2005 36982 Installed UUC EVO3 short shift kit me
10-14-2005 37118 Waxed car w/ Meguiar's NXT me
11-04-2005 38003 Installed UUC Sway Barbarians sway bars front & rear me
11-04-2005 38003 Changed oil & filter. me
12-17-2005 40000 Turned over 40,000 miles n/a
03-02-2006 43636 Replaced all 4 tires with Michelin Pilot Sport PS2s (OEM sizes) Mounted & balanced by Custom Alignment (Mtn View)
03-02-2006 43636 Installed SPC (resold by UUC Motorwerks) adjustable camber/caster plates Custom Alignment (Mtn View)
03-08-2006 44378 Oil & Filter replaced, brake fluid flushed BMW of Mountain View
03-08-2006 44378 Service bulletin performed to fix a power dip at 4000RPM [info] BMW of Mountain View
03-19-2006 44630 Waxed car with Meguiar's ColorX & Meguiar's NXT me
04-22-2006 46556 Replaced all 4 wheels, all 4 tires (with Michelin Pilot Sports), right door airbag & cover, right curtain airbag & cover. See this page for more details. East Bay BMW
04-27-2006 46997 Changed transmission fluid with Redline D4 ATF me
06-23-2006 48837
  • REMOVED SPC/UUC camber plates, didn't like them.
  • Installed Koni FSD shocks
  • Installed Turner Motorsport strut tower anti-crowning reinforcement plates
  • Installed Powerflex control arm bushings
  • Installed Bimmerworld lower control arms
  • Installed Turner Motorsport rear shock mount reinforcement plates
08-17-2006 49435 Window would not roll up properly, replaced front right window regulator. BMW of Fremont
08-17-2006 49435
  • Replaced windshield wipers
  • Performed alignment
  • Replaced rear brake rotors & pads
BMW of Fremont
08-27-2006 50000 Turned over 50,000 miles while at a BMWCCA High Performance Driving School at Thunderhill Raceway
08-30-2006 50330 Replaced front brake rotors & pads (Zimmerman rotors & Axxis Ultimate pads). Performed brake bedding procedure. me
12-01-2006 52702 Changed oil (Castrol 0W30 European Formula) me
12-26-2006 53288
  • Installed Ground Control Coilover kit (Eibach springs, 450 lb/ft front, 550lb/ft rear, Koni single top adjustable shocks, vorshlag camber/caster plates and upper spring perches)
  • Installed Hoen Xenonmatch fog light bulbs
  • Installed OEM Euro split side mirror
12-27-2006 53288 Detailed exterior: clay bar, polish (Meguiar's ColorX), & wax (Meguiar's NXT) me
01-03-2007 53350 Had car aligned and corner weighted. -2.5 degrees front and rear camber. 1/16th total toe out front, 3/16th total toe in rear. TC Design, Milpitas CA
03-12-2007 55724 Installed new battery (Autozone 49-DL) as preventative maintenance me
04-14-2007 56414 Changed transmission fluid with BMW MTF-LT-2 and changed rear differential fluid with Redline 75W90 me
05-03-2007 57200 Waxed car with Zaino me
06-04-2007 58100 Replaced front lower grille (rock went through it damaging a 'spoke' in it) and replaced center cup holder console area (area was too scratched up for my analness) me
06-11-2007 58700 Replaced all 4 tires with Michelin Pilot Sport PS2 Custom Alignment, Mountain View
06-24-2007 59297 Started Inspection II: Installed new spark plugs [DIY here] me
06-29-2007 59482 Finished inspection II:
  • Cleaned MAF
  • [Changed power steering fluid [info]
  • Changed oil with BMW 5w30
  • Replaced fuel filter
  • Replaced water pump
  • Replaced thermostat
  • Replaced main drive belt tensioner pulley and idler pulley
  • Replaced air filter & cabin filter
  • Replaced thermostat to coolant expansion tank hose
  • Flushed coolant
  • Reset service indicator
06-30-2007 59503 Removed seats and steam cleaned carpet [picture] me
07-06-2007 60000 Turned over 60,000 miles
09-07-2007 62134 Another rock incident! Hit a rock and it went through the left rear tire AND wheel (no other damage). You can see a picture here. Replaced the wheel with a new one (OEM) and replaced both rear tires (Pilot Sport PS2). Custom Alignment, Mountain View
09-08-2007 62248 Flushed brake fluid me
02-15-2008 66639 Changed oil with BMW 5W30 me
10-10-2008 75072 Changed oil with BMW 5W30 me
11-20-2008 75827 My wife was rear-ended in my car in late July. Finally got it fixed - the rear bumper was replaced [view invoice] B-Line body shop, San Jose CA
12-23-2008 76421 Changed transmission fluid with Pentosin MTF2 me
01-09-2009 76999 Replaced front sway bar end links me
01-09-2009 76999 Traded my front tires for someone elses rear wheels - now running 18x8.5 255/35/18 on all 4 corners. Brand new Michelin Pilot Sport PS2 tires. me
07-21-2009 81700 Replaced front left window regulator me
08-12-2009 82184 Changed oil with BMW 5W30 Me
03-09-2010 86879 Installed 4 Bridgestone Potenza RE760 Sport tires Exact Motorsports
03-21-2010 87137 Replaced brakes all around with Zimmerman rotors and Axxis Ultimate pads. Flushed brake fluid with ATE Blue. me
06-03-2010 89125 Changed air filter, cabin microfilter, & transmission fluid (Pentosin MTF2) me
06-26-2010 89518 Changed oil with BMW 5W30 me
01-23-2011 97543 Changed oil with BMW 5W30 me
03-19-2011 99660 Replaced fuel pump Bavarian Motorsport, Milpitas
04-16-2011 100201 Replaced pre-cat O2 sensors w/ Bosch 17215 (OEM) me
04-30-2011 100750 Installed 4 Michelin Pilot Super Sport 255/35/18 Exact Motorsports
05-12-2011 101250 Changed transmission fluid with Pentosin MTF2 me
09-04-2011 104027 Flushed brake fluid with ATE Super blue; rotated tires me
10-13-2011 105084 Changed oil with BMW 5w30 Me
11-23-2011 106191 Had car fully detailed, clay, polish, wax AJs car detailing, San Jose
12-15-2011 106800 Starter replaced Bavarian Motorsport, Milpitas CA
08-19-2012 112313 Changed oil with BMW 5W30 Me
01-01-2013 114135 Mileage check
02-11-2013 114841 Installed new tires. Michelin pilot super sport. Exact motorsports Milpitas
06-20-2013 116490 Replaced control arms, motor mounts, & intake boots Bavarian Motorsport
01-02-2014 119962 Mileage check
03-02-2014 120670 Changed oil (BMW 5W30), replaced thermostat, water pump, upper and lower radiator hoses, coolant expansion tank, transmission fluid (Pentosin MTF2), differential fluid (LiquiMoly 75W90), valve cover gasket (OEM), air filter, cabin microfilter, fuel filter, spark plugs me
04-10-2014 121025 Replaced front brake pads (Stoptech Performance Street) and rotors (Zimmerman ZCoat). Flushed brake fluid with ATE Typ200. Rotated tires. me
01-06-2015 127000 Mileage check
02-15-2015 127962 Oil Change
11-08-2015 134875 Oil change, new control arm bushings me
08-25-2016 142509 Changed oil with BMW 5W30 me
11-01-2016 143860 Replaced passenger side xenon ignitor me
12-31-2016 144100 Replaced battery me
02-17-2017 144130 Replaced front tires (one was leaking air) Michelin Pilot Super Sport America's Tire
10-19-2017 150020 Oil leak- replaced oil filter housing gasket as well as VANOS oil line 11361705532 Bavarian Motorsport, Milpitas CA
10-19-2017 150020 Changed oil with BMW 5W30 Bavarian Motorsport, Milpitas CA
01-01-2019 153944 Jan 1st mileage check
03-28-2019 154488 Changed oil with Pentosin Performance 5W-30 (FCPEuro) Me
06-03-2019 155856 Had autocross (aggressive) alignment removed. New settings Bavarian Motorsport, Milpitas CS
01-01-2020 158122 Annual mileage check Me