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Date Miles Work Performed Performed by
02-26-2012 109323 Purchased from original owner me
03-04-2012 109696 Replaced wiper blades, air filter, oil (Motorcraft 5W20), transmission fluid (Motorcraft Mercon V), auxiliary battery. me
03-15-2012 109740 Replaced two rear tires (285/75/16 BFG AT KO E-load), got an alignment Pacific Tire Outlet, Milpitas
07-02-2012 111999 Replaced two front tires (285/75/16 BFG AT KO E-Load) Pacific Tire Outlet, Milpitas
11-14-2012 114439 Replaced belt, hoses, water pump, thermostat, spark plugs, fuel filter Milpitas Garage, Milpitas CA
11-14-2012 114439 Installed Tru-Cool Max LPD47391 transmission cooler Milpitas Garage, Milpitas CA
11-14-2012 114439 Changed oil with Motorcraft 5W20 me
01-01-2013 116118 Mileage check
09-18-2013 119917 Changed oil with Motorcraft 5W20 me
01-02-2014 120306 Mileage check
02-15-2015 123800 Oil change me
05-25-2015 124990 Alternator failed, replaced with Duralast 130amp. Also replaced battery. me
01-03-2016 127087 Changed oil me
02-20-2017 134203 Replaced fuel pump, fuel filter, and changed oil Milpitas Garage
04-01-2018 137978 Replaced air filter with Motorcraft FA-1632 me
06-16-2018 140399 Changed oil with Valvoline 5W20 Syn blend me
07-07-2018 140407 Flushed brake fluid with Ford DOT3 (approx 24oz) me
07-15-2018 140543 Flushed cooling system - filled with 3.5gal of Ford Motorcraft VC-7-B & remainder distilled water me
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