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Date Miles Work Performed Performed by
10-03-2015 7 Purchased from ACE Motorsports in Concord, CA
10-21-2015 710 620 mile service performed Moore & Sons, Santa Cruz
02-03-2016 1724 Changed brake fluid with Motul DOT 5.1 (it was already dark) me
07-05-2016 4265 Changed oil with Motorex 10W50 Syn 4T me
08-19-2016 5318 Changed front and rear tires - same as OEM (ContiAttack 2 K) Road Rider
05-11-2017 9295 9300mi (15000km) service. Oil & air filter. Recalls performed for wiring harness & suspension software Motor Cafe, Mountain View
05-11-2017 9311 Flushed front & rear brake fluid me
05-16-2017 9427 Replaced rear brake pads (OEM P/N 50313030000) me
06-28-2017 10250 Front right fork cartridge replaced under warranty (KTM TSB) for 'low speed clunk' over bumps Motor Cafe, Mountain View
06-28-2017 10250 New tires replaced (OEM Conti TrailAttack2 K) Motor Cafe, Mountain View
02-18-2018 13140 Replaced tires with Michelin Pilot Road 4 Trail (rear tire was leaking after a puncture/patch) Santa Clara Cycle
05-07-2018 13983 Changed oil with Motorex PowerSyn 10W50 Me
08-15-2018 16760 Replaced rear tire with Michelin Pilot Road 4 Trail
Replaced chain with DID 525 ZVM-X (118 links)
Replaced rear sprocket
Flushed brake fluid with RBF600
09-04-2018 17808 Bike was running rough- replaced fuel filter. me
10-04-2018 19067 18.6k mile service performed
* Changed oil
* Checked valves
* Changed spark plugs
* Changed air filter
Motor Cafe, Sunnyvale CA
10-31-2018 19557 Replaced front and rear tires with Michelin Pilot Road 4 Trail. Rear tire strip gasket P/N 60310277100 was replaced. Santa Clara Cycle
01-01-2019 20453 Jan 1st mileage check
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