2002 BMW 325Cic (07/02 build)

Date Miles Work Performed Performed by
03-03-2013 47414 Untitled Paolo
03-04-2013 47559 Discarded rear plate frame and polished small scratches from it; Cleaned rag top cover and other black trim inside cabin Paolo
03-05-2013 47559 Clay, polish and wax; Gummi Phledge on trunk weather stripping; Diono Radian RXT installation; Leather conditioning; Front tires set to 31, rears to 35.5; Assembled key case (1st owner never put it together and just left it in the glove compartment). Paolo
03-06-2013 47559 Cleaned ragtop holding box; Cleaned and lubed all weather stripping (including the one for the ragtop box); Oil changed to 4qts Redline 5w-30 and 3 qts M1 TDT using a Hengst filter, noting that the counter was -1650mi; Flushed power steering reservoir (twice) and cleaned reservoir insides (it had a little residue); Cleaned engine bay; Programmed DRLs; Reset and programmed Homelink to open my garage with all three buttons; Inspected air filter and it still looked new (~7500 miles) Paolo
03-07-2013 47564 Changed belts with Dayco "W" belts. These belts supposedly have a patent on the W-belt profile to lessen noise along with the compound used. Upon closer inspection the material does feel a bit different and is more "rubbery"; Changed idler pulley to Duralast 231089 (made in Germany) and main tensioner pulley to Duralast 231133 (INA made in Germany); AC tensioner pulley changed with a Dayco 89133 I already had. IMG_7434 Paolo
03-08-2013 47815 4 tires rebalanced by America's tire (free, thanks Americas Tire!). Technician claims it was "counter balanced" with three separate weights at different places which shouldn't have been done; Polished hubs from thick rust and applied anti-seize; washed car after rains the night before, no wax or polish; Reminder to polish soon - saw swirl marks from normal wear and tear that need to be addressed. Paolo
03-09-2013 47820 Programmed warning chime for key-in to OFF; Programmed optical acknowledgement of lock/unlock to ON; Programmed reverse chime to ON; Lubricated convertible top hinges with PB Blaster and wiped off excess, stunk for a couple days and still had a low frequency squeak which I suspect is just from normal sound of operation from the hydraulic pistons; Tightened torx fasteners on trunk lift handle Paolo
03-10-2013 48280 Flushed power steering reservoir with Redline D4 for the third time to get (what I suspect) was power steering fluid, which is the wrong fluid. Paolo
03-12-2013 48317 Cleaned stains from underside of hood; Cleaned underhood insulation (vacuum and brush); Gummi Phledge application on weather stripping (inside channels) because I started hearing squeaks after I put the car through rain; Removed remaining stickers and residue from dealer and previous owner; Cleaned SAP filter Paolo
03-13-2013 48317 Greased ignition keyhole with lithium grease Paolo
03-14-2013 48318 Changed transmission fluid with Redline D4; Changed differential fluid with Redline 75w-90; Amateur hour I made more mess than the first time I did it 4 years and 5 times ago but transmission WAS filled correctly; Lesson learned - don't work on the tranny while watching the baby and don't get upset if you make a mess - the less you relax the more you screw up. IMG_7328 Paolo
03-17-2013 48607 Brake fluid flush with ATE Super Blue. Fluid was overdue - black and ready to be changed. IMG_7339 IMG_7342 Paolo
03-18-2013 48727 Changed cabin air filter after discovering previous owner didn't bother figuring out how to correctly insert the filter and just mashed it to fit. IMG_7359 Paolo
03-21-2013 48728 Programmed one-touch close for front window and rear window (both disabled by default from the factory); Programmed convenience opening and closing (via remote control) of convertible top; I tried making changes to the HVAC settings for default-recirculate mode but I can't access that module with PA Soft. Unfortunately my DIS VM is broken and I can't get it to work. I'll figure this out one day Paolo
03-29-2013 48774 Rebuilt DISA valve. IMG_7419 Paolo
03-31-2013 48812 Conditioned leather for left side of the car, including the brake lever & boot, and center arm rest. I didn't do the right because I had no (easy) access in the garage. Used the usual cleaner and conditioner by Cole Haan. Paolo
04-04-2013 48816 Changed wiper blades due to chattering and streaking. I'm guessing these are still original to the car; Added missing bump stops on the hood. Not sure if it went missing or was never installed on the car. Installed after referencing my 03 which has them. IMG_7455 Paolo
04-05-2013 48816 Added G.A.S. radiator cap to reduce pressure and hopefully prolong other components. IMG_7465 Paolo
04-07-2013 49003 Conditioned right side leather seats and door panels. Paolo
04-12-2013 49038 Plates received and installed. Paolo
04-13-2013 49072 Adjusted trunk latch pin. IMG_7506 Paolo
04-14-2013 49129 Added Chevron Techron at 1/4 tank fillup. Daly City - across the freeway from the Filipino restaurant Paolo
04-15-2013 49294 Replaced headlamp lenses and polished projector lens and bezel. Also replaced corner (turn) bulbs with new ones and cleaned bulb carrier contacts. IMG_7525 IMG_7529 Paolo
04-18-2013 49359 Changed rear signal bulb, rear (outer) stop light but didn't touch the inner duoble-contact bulb because it looked unused. It's probably because it's being used as a "park light" which only comes on with the headlights and most likely runs at low wattage. The stop light on the other hand was ready to be replaced. No evidence of "burns" on the bulb contacts from excessive draw. IMG_7553 IMG_7557 Paolo
04-20-2013 49471 Adjusted headlights to correct height/level. Driver's side was low, passenger side was even lower. Paolo
04-22-2013 49635 Car wash only. No vacuum, polish or wax. IMG_0058 Paolo
04-24-2013 49641 Evac and recharge A/C system. 1.70lbs capacity, recovered 0.91lbs, 0.79lbs effectively added. Checked due to a faint moaning noise (at engagement) I heard when I was stopped at Safeway waiting for my wife. Another clue is that the compressor was cycling on and off, a symptom of low refrigerant for variable-displacement compressors. No leaks found, and no more noise after the recharge. We did the car outside and I was able to watch the whole process this time. IMG_7663 Paolo
04-25-2013 49647 Changed reverse lamps (and polished the holders) and added Benny's footprints to the trunk panel behind the trim. Have spares, they don't always come off in one piece, I broke or seriously marred 7 of the 10 clips. $1.37 per clip at local dealership, online is $0.29. Next time I'll be prepared. IMG_7673 IMG_7675 Paolo
04-29-2013 50196 Changed fuel filter (Kayser, OE BMW) and vacuum hose to FPR. Drain and fill ATF with Redline D4, no pan drop. I'm now convinced the fuel filter will go farther than 50k miles. Photo below shows the outside vs the inside of the paper element. The white specs you see are from cutting it open. IMG_7732 IMG_7735 IMG_0098 Paolo
05-03-2013 50368 Removed and polished cluster window with scratch-x. Changed peanut bulbs for rear plate. Glass was dark and output was dimmer than new one but it was still functioning. Probably original. Paolo
05-07-2013 50803 Wash, polish and wax. I used my new 6" polisher today with very successful results. Polisher Paolo
05-18-2013 50969 Greased door and trunk keyhole with lithium grease. Paolo
05-19-2013 51181 Adjusted driver door window pretension (too much; backed off by 1/8th turn on adjustment bolt) and longitudinal adjustment (off by 2mm). Also adjusted door planar adjustment (off my 1mm). Discovered broken clips on the moulding (ALL OF THEM). I replaced three because I had spares but 6 are still broken. They still hold good, but not as much as a fresh clip. Replacing next week. Paolo
05-30-2013 51877 Changed shock absorbers because the rear end was flopping around . It wasn't completely dead but the rear had more rebound than I liked. Replaced with Sachs Advantage 556-884 and it's a lot better now. IMG_7995 IMG_7997 IMG_7998 Paolo
05-31-2013 52051 Adjusted driver door for more pretension due to slapping noises during strong bumps and when the top is down. Replaced 6 broken clips. Adjusted passenger door for slightly more pretension and moved the glass forward by 2mm (it was too far back according to BMW spec). Replaced 5 broken clips. Paolo
06-05-2013 52441 Greased and packed strut mounts with Redline CV-2. Paolo
06-06-2013 52571 Applied foam to bottom of ashtray to get rid of a buzzing noise at 6k+ rpm. I think it was just the lighter and nail cutter that were in there buzzing together with engine vibration, but I did it anyway to be sure. Paolo
06-10-2013 52580 Cleaned and conditioned driver seat and door, shift boot, handbrake boot, steering wheel and arm rest. Paolo
06-11-2013 52580 Cleaned, no polish, no wax. Vacuumed carpet. Paolo
06-14-2013 52580 Replaced spring and push rod assembly for the side covers. Before the part came in I had to make a similar system so the spring wouldn't come out of the mounting points. IMG_8057 IMG_8058 Paolo
06-15-2013 52689 Flushed power steering fluid with one more round of Redline D4 to make sure the old fluid is really out. Paolo
06-16-2013 52689 Checked and corrected tire pressure. Was 30.0/33.5 Front/Rear, Now 31/35 Front/Rear Paolo
06-22-2013 52826 Spark plugs changed with Denso PK20TT (4504). I like these plugs. They're "hot" like the Bosch, with the reliability of the Japanese. I will purchase these again for the coupe when the time comes. IMG_8155 IMG_8156 CIMG0492 Paolo
07-13-2013 53249 Took apart center window switch console to identify a buzzing noise at high RPM. I think I found it, possibly a connector that was loosely mounted to its perch. I wrapped the connector in cloth tape and returned it to its perch, now snug. I also stuffed some foam in there which is compressed down by the window switches themselves. If the noise was coming from the switch console, it's gone now. I also replaced the vacuum hose going to the F-connector from the FPR. Paolo
08-05-2013 54312 4-wheel alignment due to beginnings of excessive inner tire wear at the left rear wheel. Performed by Alignment Services Walnut Creek (Chris Smith's outfit). Checked torque on trailing arm carrier bolts (OK), rear control arm eccentric bolt (under-torqued) and strut hat bolts (OK). IMG_8331 Paolo
08-22-2013 54577 Refinished cabin filter housing cover. Fading removed. Paolo
09-09-2013 54658 Cleaned MAF sensor with CRC MAF cleaner; fixed airbox front snorkel permanently to airbox; adjusted DME harness holder; replaced zip-tie for alternator snorkel; inspected coolant level - perfect Paolo
09-18-2013 54679 Oiled gas door hinges to get rid of squeak - less than a combined one drop of PB Blaster on 5 pivot points. Paolo
09-30-2013 54710 Door hinges lubricated with PB blaster (less than a drop); adjusted parking brake at cog-side for TIS spec; also adjusted at cable-side last week Paolo
10-23-2013 54854 Replaced left side engine bay gasket (51718215893) due to tears in rubber by previous owner. IMG_8828 Paolo
10-24-2013 54854 Tire pressure topped off for season, used 32/36 front/rear. Left side tires lost 0.5 psi, right side tires lost 1.0 psi since last fill 4 months ago. Paolo
11-30-2013 54934 Swapped MAF with PG60946 to diagnose something on that car. Cleaned filter with vacuum cleaner. Got it pretty good. Paolo
12-05-2013 55000 Replaced side markers (the one in the fender) due to intermittent bulb-out warnings. I used 168 bulbs (5w). 168 bulbs Paolo
12-08-2013 55106 LF was 30.5; RF was 30.0; LR was 34.0; RR was 33.5. Tires returned to 31.5/35.5 F/R. Paolo
12-17-2013 55299 Reset all fault codes from all modules. I was using this car as a test mule to diagnose an unresponsive EGS from the coupe and there were a few codes thrown during the process. Paolo
12-23-2013 55377 Cleaned socket and bulb contacts on front turn signals due to intermittent bulb-out warnings on the left side. Paolo
01-07-2014 55660 Cleaned ignition switch contacts with DeoxIT D5 and D100. Before and after: Untitled Untitled Paolo
01-16-2014 55860 Car washed and vacuumed, removed some carpet stains, removed plastic protectors from door sill moulding, conditioned rag top seals and polished door sill entry step. Paolo
01-18-2014 55886 Cleaned passenger seat switch due to intermittent aft adjustment. All good now. Untitled Untitled Paolo
01-21-2014 55979 Adjusted and corrected bumper misalignment. Right side was 2-3mm lower than the left. Also changed a cracked bumper bracket on the right side. Untitled Untitled Untitled Paolo
01-27-2014 56067 Car washed, waxed and vacuumed. Paolo
01-29-2014 56067 Corrected pressure to 32/36. Because of the warmer weather I actually had to take air out of all tires by about 1.5psi. Paolo
02-14-2014 56099 BMW sport rod antenna, new plate lenses and gas cap Untitled Untitled Paolo
03-04-2014 56171 Thermostat replaced due to "thermostat is jammed open" code. Original Wahler unit replaced with Behr unit. Untitled Untitled Paolo
03-12-2014 56276 Replaced exhaust camshaft position sensor because oil was leaking into the connector (oil penetration). This had the (documented) potential of wicking up and shorting pins on the DME if left uncorrected, causing issues. Untitled Untitled Untitled Paolo
03-20-2014 56384 Adjusted passenger window for correct height. Max possible. Paolo
03-30-2014 56704 Adjusted door catch bar on passenger side to alleviate clunking on extreme body twist. Paolo
04-06-2014 57049 Car washed. image image Paolo
04-07-2014 57049 Replaced HID bulbs (D2S) due to a cold non-fire on the driver side. Old on the left, new on the right. image Paolo
04-14-2014 57401 Topped off air pressure for season to 32.5/36.5. Was 32/35 image Paolo
04-14-2014 57423 Changed passenger side xenon lamp. No issues, just preventive. image image Paolo
04-17-2014 57636 Added Redline SI-1 to 1/8 tank before fillup. Paolo
04-18-2014 57729 Passenger window: adjusted window height (lower), secured top regulator cable with zip ties, added foam between lower door actuator cable and outside panel, tightened 3 motor torx and 5 regulator bolts and added stops to the window so it doesn't clunk when reaching full open position. Car washed after everything was done. image Paolo
04-24-2014 57900 Replaced HVAC unit with a newer model hoping I could code some options with PA Soft. Alas the "Recoding" button is still greyed out. I could code either one (old and new units) using my old DIS setup but I don't have that anymore. Note: I don't know what the hoopla is about this newer style layout vs the old. It's different, but that's all it is. Stick with your existing old units if they're working, unless you have space issues behind the dash. image image Paolo
04-26-2014 58125 Inspected bellows to ICV and all good so far. California car. image image Paolo
04-29-2014 58158 Cleaned corner bulb sockets due to intermittent light-out warning and broken tabs upon removal. Sprayed D5 and contacts. Paolo
05-03-2014 58350 Voltage check. image Paolo
05-03-2014 58450 Injected rear view mirror with cyanoacrylate to get rid of buzzing noise when on concrete. Also refinished all black plastic pieces of the mirror. Paolo
05-04-2014 58526 Fixed front passenger side speaker grill due to clicking noises. Injected with a tiny amount of belt dressing at the interface with the door panel which has worked for me in the past. Dries clear, doesn't spread and remains tacky. Paolo
05-18-2014 59119 Oil change with M1 0w-40. image image Paolo
05-22-2014 59257 Refreshed VANOS and vacuum lines (pictured below + 2 plugs) image image image image Paolo
05-23-2014 59289 Replaced transmission oil and filter. OE filter with Redline D4. image image image Paolo
06-13-2014 59755 Front pads (Akebono EUR781), caliper bushings (ATE), sensor (PEX) and rotors (Zimmerman Coat Z). image image image Paolo
06-17-2014 60090 Rear pads (Akebono EUR763), rotors (Zimmerman Coat Z), caliper bushings (ATE) and sensor (Pex). Car washed. image image Paolo
06-28-2014 60490 Deoxit D100 on the tail light connectors. Inspected and no evidence of ground wire overloading. Paolo
07-03-2014 60638 Tire pressure checked. Was 32.5/35.0 now 32.5/36.5. image Paolo
07-22-2014 61000 Car washed and vacuumed. image Paolo
07-27-2014 61250 First accident in 15 years. My mistake and thankfully the other guy was really cool about it. Before and after, removed after one application of 3M Scratch-X and 3M Synthetic Wax. image image Paolo
07-27-2014 61270 Bumper adjusted forward. Before and after. image image Paolo
08-02-2014 61282 Renewed yellowing side marker lenses. Installed missing fender liner screws (two on driver front) and tightened the rest (front only; rears checked and tightened when I aligned the bumper a few months ago). image image Paolo
08-07-2014 61405 Replaced driver sill trim due to crack after my niece stood on it getting in and out of the car. Teflon tape on clips to mitigate rattling. image image image image Paolo
08-20-2014 61725 Changed air filter of unknown age. Old wasn't too bad but I got a deal on the Mann. New filter was also much more snug than old unit which I liked. image image Paolo
08-21-2014 61773 Replaced battery with Duralast Platinum AGM H7 due to wonky convertible top behavior and various low-voltage codes across a few modules. image Paolo
08-23-2014 61783 Replaced two rear tires due to extreme wear caused by a bad alignment. Alignment has since been corrected but not before causing irreparable damage to the tire. Pictured is left rear. image Paolo
08-24-2014 61859 Tire pressure topped off. Was 30.5 front 34.5/32.0 rear. Now 32.5/36.5. Paolo
08-25-2014 61860 Replaced reinforcement plate and left wheel liner due to striking a broken part of a man hole. Thankfully it was isolated to these two parts. I took the opportunity to replace FCABs (right one was torn, both were leaking), drag links (knocking on both sides), and I re-torqued the oil pan, transmission pan and differential cover bolts as preventive maintenance. No leaks yet. image image image Paolo
08-28-2014 61939 Washed and waxed. image image Paolo
09-13-2014 62599 Replaced post cat O2 sensors due to insufficient heat output code (P0141). Bank 1 only but replaced both post cats. Tightened both to TIS specification at 50Nm. image image image image Paolo
09-17-2014 62951 Power steering ATF drain and fill with Redline D4. image Paolo
09-26-2014 63190 Pre-cat O2 sensors, Bosch. image image Paolo
10-23-2014 63280 Car washed.  Untitled Paolo
11-10-2014 63426 Old lady took my bumper off not paying attention at a light. Took it to Cook's Collision in Brentwood (Susan Crespo) because she worked on my wife's Benz before and it was perfect. When I get it back I'll take it apart and see if they did a good job. image Paolo
01-05-2015 63476 Mechanical to electric fan conversion. image Paolo
01-05-2015 63477 I just finished the mechanical to electric fan conversion and I got a chance to inspect the work recently done by Cook's Collision. 6/10 for really shoddy work. Front brake ducts were missing; Rear brake ducts were installed but no bolts were mounted (see picture) and fell off when I removed the pan below it; Overspray on the hood insulation and hood catch; Bumper cover to bumper carrier is missing clips; Fog light replaced due to used (12 year old) unit and the drain was pinched on install (WTF it's so obvious); Wheel liners weren't installed correctly and missing parts and hardware; Blah, blah, blah... you get it. I purchased and replaced all missing hardware per BMW ETK. Everything is ok now. I trusted my foreperson because I've worked with her before. Next time I'll be sure to inspect while the work is ongoing to make sure everything is on the up and up. image Paolo
01-05-2015 63477 image image Paolo
01-07-2015 63518 Car washed, hood pins and rear hood hinges adjusted. Untitled Paolo
01-09-2015 63519 Replaced power steering reservoir o-ring. Interestingly this original o-ring failed within weeks of my other E46. image Paolo
01-13-2015 63542 Dropped fender liners to re-mount fog lamps. Cooks Collision incorrectly mounted them from the rear, causing the light to point down. This would have also made it impossible to change the bulb from the exterior, and was scratching the bumper trim piece because the assembly was tilted downward. image Paolo
01-28-2015 63587 Replaced all other parts and hardware either not replaced (but damaged) from the accident, or missing or incorrect from the repair. Includes, but not limited to: bumper carrier (bent; see pictures), fog light mounts (missing on one side and missing rivets on both), roundel (cracked from R&R), kidney grilles (cracked from R&R), left brake vent (cracked from the accident), bumper grille (all 10 clips missing). I also replaced the turn signal lamps (unrelated) and rotated front tires L to R. image image image image Paolo
01-31-2015 63592 Air pressure corrected. Was 35.0/35.5 from Cooks Collision. Now 32.5/36.5. Paolo
02-05-2015 63630 Fixed interior convertible flap covers and reworked wiring from the electric fan conversion (it was only twisted together because I didn't have the appropriate gauge connectors when I did it). image image Paolo
02-09-2015 63649 Car washed! image image Paolo
02-10-2015 63649 Waxed with 3M Performance Finish. Untitled Paolo
02-26-2015 63991 Polished exterior glass surfaces with 0000 steel wool due to Cooks Collision over spray. Paolo
03-25-2015 64436 Replaced original fuel pump with 07/02 production stamp. No symptoms prior to replacement. IMG_0259 image Paolo
04-14-2015 64546 Cleaned SAP filter box and element. Inserted felt pads in seat back mechanism (both sides) to get rid of rattles (no picture). image Paolo
05-04-2015 64707 Replaced FSR/FSU due to cyclic high-low speed changes in blower speed for the 1st minute when started cold. image image Paolo
05-28-2015 64913 Washed and vacuumed. [https://youtu.be/ZgY2FhB9utA] image Paolo
06-11-2015 65036 Air pressure topped off. Was 32/35 now 32.5/36.5. Paolo
08-29-2015 65756 Lubricated window seals with Gummi Pflege. Paolo
08-30-2015 65760 BG44K. image Paolo
09-30-2015 66118 Added about 2 cups of coolant due to coolant warning light. First time adding since purchase. No leaks or splashes in the engine bay, splash shield or under the car. Will continue to observe. May be normal. Paolo
10-13-2015 66205 Air pressure topped off. Was 30.5/33.0 now 32.5/36.5. Paolo
10-21-2015 66307 Car washed and vacuumed. image image Paolo
11-15-2015 66566 Air pressure topped off. Was 31.0/35.0 now 32.5/36.5. image Paolo
12-08-2015 66699 Brake bleed with optional mityvac extension. ATE TYP200 replacing the old ATE Super Blue. I'm glad I switched to this method. Much easier. Paolo
01-26-2016 67043 Car washed. Removed tar stains on the splash area behind the left tires. Same as the other car strangely. Must be something around my street. image Paolo
02-20-2016 67187 Replaced trunk lenses due to delamination and moisture penetration (fogging in lens). I took the opportunity to start upgrading to the LED setup and got the updated lenses. image image image image Paolo
02-27-2016 67188 Topped off tire pressure. Was 31.5/35.5 now 32.5/36.5 Paolo
03-23-2016 67337 Replaced front tires for inner wear from bad alignment. Corrected 12k miles ago but I wanted to get more out of the tires. Cross rotated with rear tires and balanced all 4. Also corrected whack tire place pressures after cooling. Was 34.5/33.0 35.5/36.0 F/R now 32.5/37.5. Added extra psi at rear to compensate for new tire oxidation. image image image Paolo
03-24-2016 67372 Car washed. Lubricated all seals connected to convertible top and engine bay image Paolo
05-06-2016 67865 Checked connection for oil penetration at intake/exhaust VANOS solenoid and exhaust cam position sensor, no oil Paolo
06-21-2016 68195 Washed, clayed, polished, waxed, vacuumed, 7.5 hrs start to finish. image image image Paolo
06-22-2016 68197 Air pressure topped off. Was 31.0/34.0 now 32.5/36.5 Paolo
07-26-2016 68626 SMOG certification, passed. image Paolo
08-14-2016 68717 Torqued ZF pan bolts to spec (10nm) due to slight weeping image Paolo
09-01-2016 68875 Fixed unsecured side skirt clip (driver side rear) from December 2014 repair Paolo
11-02-2016 69338 Wiper assemblies replaced. Last blade refill was 3 years ago and the arm has developed a lot of slop in the articulating pins after 14 years in service Untitled Untitled Paolo
12-01-2016 69416 Oil changed with Mobil 1 0w-40 and Hengst filter. Used Liqui Moly Pro-Line Engine Flush. Ran for 10 minutes on a warm engine after I took it around to charge the battery (separate issue; drained the battery after I left the key in the ignition the last time I used it). Started it for a few minutes after filling with new oil to fill the OFG but didn't take it out anymore. Untitled Untitled Paolo
12-02-2016 69416 Changed windshield washer pump due to seized motor. Plug shows nominal 9v (9.22v) at rest, 12v (11.99v) when actuated Untitled Untitled Untitled Paolo
12-02-2016 69416 Topped off tire air pressure for the season. Was 28/30 now 32.5/36.5 Untitled Paolo
01-05-2017 69653 Topped off air pressure. Was 32.0/36.0 now 32.5/36.5 Paolo
01-08-2017 69653 Added coolant sticker. Adjusted hood pins because they were not disengaging simultaneously when pulling the lever Untitled Untitled Paolo
02-13-2017 69880 Car washed. Untitled Untitled Paolo
03-31-2017 70296 Tire pressured checked. Within spec. Paolo
04-18-2017 70443 Front tire rotation, left to right image Paolo
04-23-2017 70525 Battery desulfation, 36 hours. Untitled Paolo
04-27-2017 70670 Replaced OFHG (leaking), intake CPS (preventive), VANOS solenoid o-ring (part of intake CPS R&R), oil filter cap green o-rings x2 (preventive), steering coupler (loose), VANOS oil pipe (preventive), idler pulley (skateboard noises), oil filter (part of OFHG R&R) and re-wrapped engine harness from junction box to connectors. Untitled Untitled Untitled Paolo
08-08-2017 71869 Tire pressure topped off. Was 31/33 now 32.5/37.5. Paolo
08-11-2017 71870 Car washed. Untitled Paolo
08-27-2017 72501 Replaced power steering fluid, used D4 instead of D6 this time. Paolo
09-07-2017 72543 Replaced windshield due to rock strike on last trip home from Santa Cruz. Untitled Untitled Untitled Paolo
09-30-2017 73561 Replaced key case. Wife put my key through the wash. Untitled Paolo
11-30-2017 73895 Low coolant light morning of first cold snap, about 2 cups to bottom ball on level stick. Untitled Paolo
12-10-2017 74021 Tire pressure topped up. Was 28/32 now 32.5/36.5 Paolo
12-25-2017 74108 Car washed Paolo
01-14-2018 74338 Power steering reservoir cap o-ring replaced, leaking Untitled Paolo
01-27-2018 74799 Spark plugs changed, IK20TT from PK20TT. Untitled Untitled Paolo
01-28-2018 74880 DME blower replaced. Was producing intermittent buzzing noises that sounded like it was behind the LCM or cluster area. I used a spare I had from the coupe, which I replaced chasing another noise (which turned out to be an unrelated soft-fail pump). Untitled Paolo
02-11-2018 75090 A/C topped off Paolo
03-11-2018 75484 Found leak that was causing refrigerant discharge. Replaced leaking hose, all associated o-rings, drew vacuum for 2 hours and recharged with 2 12-oz cans. Includes 1oz PAG. Untitled Untitled Untitled Paolo
03-18-2018 75750 Front struts replaced. Strut mount and all hardware that didn't work like new were replaced. Untitled Untitled Untitled Paolo
05-05-2018 77051 Air pressure topped off. Was 32/36 now 32.5/36.5. I would have left it alone except the left rear was 35. Paolo