2008 Mercedes-Benz C300 (01/08 build)

Date Miles Work Performed Performed by
04-23-2008 9 Test drive & purchase. Untitled Data Card 1 Data Card 2 Data Card 3 Paolo
04-23-2008 9 Data Card 4 Data Card 5 Data Card 6
05-05-2008 1104 First service visit. Checked windshield washer fluid, tire pressures, brakes and for any leaks. Road tested and car is perfect. MB WC
04-24-2009 16131 Registration, California DMV. Paolo
12-19-2008 19099 Warranty claim : Big day. Went in to replace right mirror turn signal because of water penetration, hat tray rattles, noise from the rear end (I didn't actually hear anything, but went in due to a TSB that I found online), ratcheting noise from the torque arm bushings and engine and transmission updates (if available). Only the mirror and engine software (no transmission) issues were addressed, everything else was "can't duplicate customer's concerns at this time". MB WC
04-24-2010 32203 Registration, California DMV. Paolo
01-26-2010 34022 Warranty Claim : Replaced steering angle sensor due to faulty unit. Symptoms were an "ESP Inoperative" warning on the dashboard. MB WC
03-30-2010 35984 Warranty claim : Complained about ratcheting noise on torque arm bushings but they were not able to replicate the issue. I also asked them to update the COMAND software based on a TSB I found on Startekinfo, which they did. First thing I noticed was that when using NAV, the horizon looked like a "real" horizon, e.g. starts at night time driving. Big deal. MB WC
04-12-2010 36461 2 rear tires replaced. They were worn down to the bars but there was no uneven wearing. The Falkens I used did not come in the factory 255 so I used 265s instead. Upon closer inspection they appear to be the same width. No rubbing. Americas Tire
04-30-2010 37089 Insurance claim : Replaced glass with OE Pilkington after a crack was found. All I did was drive on the 680 and I didn't know anything hit the glass until I parked. GEICO had no problem using OE glass because apparently replacement glass is not yet readily available due to the new body style. Safelite
08-24-2010 41490 Warranty claim : Replaced two rear shock absorbers after a clicking noise when the shocks got to operating temperature. At first the ride-along tech thought I was crazy but the noise eventually started 20 minutes into the drive. Also changed on this visit/warranty claim was a right-rear brake light bulb. MB WC
09-09-2010 41841 Evap leak at line near charcoal canister. Repaired vacuum line and did smoke test. Shop foreman verified the repair and testing. Symptoms were a CEL and a "gas cap loose" warning on left turns. MB WC
12-30-2010 44000 Free flat repair and re-balance right rear tire. Americas Tire
01-19-2011 44092 Power steering flush with Pentosin CHF11S. One full liter used until I drained the old stuff out. Paolo
01-20-2011 45471 Warranty claim : Replaced faulty bulb in front park light. Brought up concern on torque arm bushing "clicking" but they weren't able to duplicate problem. Invoice says they checked for a TSB but none was found. This is incorrect because I found the TSB shortly after the visit. MB WC
02-03-2011 45568 Replaced left intake cam solenoid and o-ring due to slight leak. Replaced wipers with Bosch Aerotwin 24/24. MB WC
02-22-2011 46467 Warranty claim : TSB performed for torque arm bushings. Wheel alignment performed. MB WC
02-24-2011 46523 Transmission drain and fill with new filter. MB WC
03-05-2011 47073 Warranty claim : Re-alignment done to correct a cocked steering wheel. It drove straight but the steering wheel was off. The alignment was originally done prior to this as a matter of procedure after replacing the torque arm bushings. MB WC
03-15-2011 47681 Warranty claim : Re-alignment after previous alignment was botched by the last technician. I suspect all he did (on the previous visit) was adjust both tie rods equally when I complained of a cocked steering wheel (but drive straight). You can't do that die to the Ackerman principle. You have to put it on a rack! Stupid tech if you ask me. All is well now, alignment returned to normal. MB WC
04-24-2011 48275 Registration, California DMV. Paolo
04-27-2011 49876 Warranty claim : Serpentine belt changed. I had previously come in due to a "chirping" noise of the belt assembly (I didn't really hear it but went anyway due to a TSB I found online) and all they did that previous time was apply some sort of lubricant to the belts. I was hoping they would replace the idlers under warranty as described in the TSB and because idlers wear anyway, but they did replace the belt. Free = good! Nothing was wrong with the old one, so this belt should last me a good long while. I then replaced the tensioner pulley myself with a Gates unit I bought at Monument Car Parts. Cheap insurance and the old tensioner pulley had "rough sports" it was starting to oscillate the tensioner. MB WC
06-02-2011 49992 USB Flash drive MB USB copy Paolo
06-08-2011 52228 Insurance claim : Replaced windshield with OE Pilkington after discovering cracked glass under the wiper after a drive home from San Diego. Geico wanted to use replacement glass but we were able to get an exception and used OE Pilkington instead. Safelite
11-23-2011 60015 2 front tires replaced after sidewall failure on the left tire. I was about time, tires lasted a long time on this car. Good thing we were already off the freeway, and good thing we had TPMS because I didn't feel anything. Replacements were Falken 912s - nice and quiet. Americas Tire
04-24-2012 64391 Registration, California DMV. Paolo
05-21-2012 65580 Insurance claim : Replaced windshield again. I suspect the Pilkington is a softer glass because this is my third replacement. I opted for the replacement glass which seems thicker (based on sound when I knock on it) but the fit is not quite right. The cowl at the bottom does not entirely sit flush and the edges (when looked at from outside) seems to distort a tiny bit. Some distortion also visible from the inside, but only at the outer edges. If it breaks again, I'm going with OE glass. If not, I may have made the right decision going with the replacement brand (PGW) which is supposedly the OE supplier to the Mercedes C-Class since 2009. We'll see. Safelite
06-06-2012 66266 2 rear tires balanced after feeling a slight shimmy from the rear. Balancing eliminated the vibration but the tires are coming close to the wear bars. Americas Tire
07-09-2012 67737 Spark plugs replaced with NGK Laser Platinums PLKR7A (4288) from Amazon. Air filter set replaced with Hengst from RMEuropean. Differential oil also replaced. CIMG0463 copy CIMG0464 copy CIMG0487 copy Paolo
08-15-2011 69366 Replaced engine oil with M1 TDT after recommended Seafoam amount in crank case. 40 miles in crankcase, which is wife's work and back. Put it in the morning, drained it out when she got back. Also drained and filled power steering reservoir with Pentosin CHF11S. Paolo
10-20-2012 72194 Checked tire pressures as per usual practice at beginning of season. 31/31.5 front, 34.5/35.5 rear. Re-inflated to 33 front and 38 rear. Paolo
10-26-2012 72377 Waxed with 3M Performance Finish. Paolo
12-03-2012 73221 Replaced reverse tail lamps due to bulb-out warning with GE 7506. Paolo
01-03-2013 74130 Changed rear tires due to normal wear. Lasted a little bit longer than the originals (37k vs 38k). Americas Tire
01-04-2013 74145 Car washed. No wax because it was still shiny. Vacuum the next day. Paolo
01-05-2013 74152 Checked tire pressure as beginning of season practice and because of new rear tires. I always check tire place work, and with good reason. Fronts were 30.5, reinflated to 33.5 (0.5 above spec). Left rear was 38.5, brought down to 38 spec. Right rear was 37.5, brought up to 38 spec. Paolo
01-30-2013 74560 Rear impact at stop light from a minor. Damage to bumper and muffler but lights, fenders and trunk were intact. $5,092.93 in damages to the car. Repair was top-notch, paid by other person's insurance. State Farm. Cooks Collision in Walnut Creek
02-03-2013 74606 Checked rear tire pressures after RR tire repair as included with the damage from the previous incident. LR was 38, brought up to 38.5. RR was 34.5, brought up to 38.5 Paolo
03-29-2013 75755 Changed COMAND click wheel due to non-functional scroll function which is a known issue in 3-5 year old C300s. Part has already been superseded three times (see photo) which tells me they've been trying to solve this. Hopefully the newest part number (which I got) will last longer than the one it replaced. IMG_7422 Paolo
04-15-2013 76444 Car washed, no polish, no wax. Water spots from previous evening's sprinkler left no residue. Must be the wax, the seemingly harder MB paint, or both IMG_7527 Paolo
05-10-2013 77049 Clean, polish and wax. Polished with new HF polisher. IMG_0075 Paolo
05-11-2013 77049 Finished cleaning job I started yesterday with interior vacuum and cleaning out random trash. I also wiped down any excess wax that I didn't see the day before because it started to get dark. Checked tire pressures. FR was 34, brought down to 33.5; RR was 38, brought up to 38.5; FL was 27, brought up to 33.5; RL was 38.5, no change Paolo
05-12-2013 77052 Techron fuel system cleaner (for 20 gal) added at fill up, Paolo
05-24-2013 77570 Flat repair (Driver-Front tire) c/o America's Tire. No charge as usual. Best place around here for tire business that's for sure. IMG_0087 Paolo
05-25-2013 77577 Re-checked and all tires were about 10% low because the tire place checked pressure while the tires already had a good number of miles on them that day (hot). Corrected and returned to 34 and 38.5 (F and R). Paolo
06-06-2013 77983 Refinished two left wheels due to some gnarly curb rash the wife put there from a local parking lot. It gave me an opportunity to get rid of other scratches to the wheels over the years, surprisingly all of which were on the left side of the car. No pictures unfortunately. All good now. Inspected pressure to see if they got it right and the left rear was low 2psi. No big deal. IMG_8031 Paolo
06-14-2013 78230 Car washed, no vacuum, polish or wax. IMG_8050 Paolo
07-09-2013 78596 Car washed; no polish, wax or vacuum. Paolo
07-18-2013 78744 Cleaned; no wax, polish or vacuum. Checked coolant for level and contaminants. Checked rear tire wear - all normal in vs out; left vs right. I also removed the excess wax from the chrome trim on the lower doors. IMG_8247 Paolo
08-09-2013 79469 Oil change with OE MB filter and Rotella T6 5w-40. IMG_8363 IMG_8364 Paolo
08-10-2013 79619 Fuel system cleaner as part of oil change every 10k miles. IMG_8369 Paolo
08-17-2013 80023 Glass repair from penny sized damage. IMG_8454 IMG_8455 IMG_8457 Paolo
08-25-2013 80363 Car wash only. Paolo
09-13-2013 80970 Re-inflated tire pressure due to "Correct Tire Pressure" warning. Left tires were about 2 psi low, right tires about 1.5 psi low. Pressures should really be checked every season at the least. IMG_8554 Paolo
09-15-2013 81047 Power steering fluid drain and fill with CHF-11S, refilled windshield washer with Prestone bugwash. IMG_8580 Paolo
10-15-2013 82000 Car washed to prep for rear brake job Paolo
10-16-2013 82001 Rear pads and rotor change. Brake sensor was just about to trigger (see picture). Rotor replaced because of excessive lip. Zimmerman rotors with ATE pads. IMG_8811 IMG_8807 IMG_8805 Paolo
11-10-2013 82257 Car washed and vacuumed. No polish, no wax. Paolo
11-11-2013 82312 Reset service indicator for Service 1 and Service 3. Untitled Untitled Paolo
12-05-2013 83000 Topped off air pressure for the season, and also due to the low pressure warning. All tires were 3 psi low, except the LF which was 5 psi low. I'm not sure about the 5 psi though as I was still experimenting (I don't think i pressed it in all the way) on how to use my new Craftsman air pressure meter. Inflated to 33.5/38.5 F/R. Paolo
12-23-2013 83633 Checked oil level after "check oil at next fill up" warning or something to that effect while driving. Oil level is full (same as when I filled it at the last oil change) and no evidence of coolant in the oil or vice versa. Must be the sensor, but no evidence to support that yet, either. Paolo
01-11-2014 83976 Added Lubegard biotech. I added this instead of adding 1/2 quart of oil due to "check oil at next fill up" message Paolo
01-11-2014 84061 Car washed and vacuumed. No wax. Paolo
01-29-2014 84731 Replaced broken passenger side marker due to damage from BART station or on the freeway. Untitled Untitled Paolo
02-02-2014 84906 Cleaned and vacuumed, no waxing. Paolo
02-08-2014 85379 Replaced windshield wipers (whole assembly) with Bosch Aerotwin 24/24. Untitled Paolo
02-11-2014 85751 Changed right fog lamp due to cracked lens. Changed left fog lamp due to excessive pitting and fogging in rainy weather (and the fact if looked so weird only refreshing one side). Untitled Untitled Paolo
02-15-2014 85906 SMOG check for registration, passed. Paolo
02-21-2014 86390 Car washed only. Paolo
02-23-2014 86520 Adjusted headlights to proper height. Paolo
03-01-2014 86622 Replaced windshield washer pump due to low pressure and delay when activating the pump. W204 washer pump Paolo
04-05-2014 87749 Car washed. Washed image Paolo
04-27-2014 88307 Washed. Clayed and waxed hood, roof and trunk but needs more work to be perfect. image image Paolo
05-03-2014 88400 Voltage check. That's low. Under load was sometimes below 12. image Paolo
05-03-2014 88467 Changed battery due to low voltage. Alarm randomly going off when locked. image image image Paolo
06-21-2014 89545 Car washed. image Paolo
06-27-2014 89818 Tail light ground fix. NHTSA Campaign Number: 14V177000. image image image image Paolo
07-07-2014 90035 Oil changed. Bosch filter (which had a Mann inside) and M1 0w-40. image Paolo
07-07-2014 90038 Front tires replaced due to worn treads and a bad leak @ LF. The tires only made it 30k because my wife used this for a few years to go to BART as part of her commute. I got a good deal but I forgot to ask for my prorated warranty adjustment. image image image Americas Tire
07-09-2014 90115 Tire pressure adjusted. Was Front : 31.5/31.0, Rear : 37.5/38.0; Now : 34/38. Paolo
08-01-2014 90750 Alignment checked. Car in spec. No adjustments made, no charge. Performed by Chris. Absolutely the best place to get alignments East Bay. image Alignment Services Walnut Creek
08-04-2014 90792 Car washed and vacuumed. image image Paolo
08-16-2014 91130 Car washed and waxed. image image Paolo
09-20-2014 91203 Car washed. image Paolo
09-20-2014 91229 Redid work on tail light ground. Swapped quick disconnect for contiguous wire. image Paolo
10-07-2014 92405 Topped off tire pressure on new tire. Was 31/31 37.5/36.5, now 34/34 38/38. image Paolo
01-31-2015 95558 Air pressure topped off. Was 30.0/30.0 35.5/35.0 now 33.5/37.5. Paolo
02-15-2015 96018 Car washed. Paolo
05-09-2015 98212 Washed, waxed and vacuumed. image Paolo
05-29-2015 98810 Washed and vacuumed. [https://youtu.be/yFPpfjl8hY4] image Paolo
06-06-2015 99147 Oil change, Mobil 1 0w-40, Hengst filter. image Paolo
06-07-2015 99158 Tire rotation side to side for both axles. image Paolo
06-11-2015 99288 Air pressure topped off. Was 34/38.5 now 36.5/41.5. Note these are hot tire pressures. Re-torqued lug bolts to verify previous job. Paolo
06-22-2015 99781 Inspected belts and pulleys - all ok. Cleaned oil filter housing unit. image Paolo
06-29-2015 100264 Burnt passenger low beam headlight (D1S). Replaced both for color match. image image image Paolo
07-25-2015 101172 Car washed. Paolo
07-31-2015 101580 Repositioned right rear tail light ground wire. The one I previously attached it to was painted and was causing intermittent contact. Paolo
08-06-2015 101690 Updated map software with 2012 DVD (Original v9). Purchased from inventory liquidator on eBay. Paid 30 bucks for an original (albeit old 2012 v9) disc. Disc appeared to be new in original MB packaging. image Paolo
08-12-2015 102022 Updated to newest 2015 map update dvd because the previous 2012 would stall in the middle of installation. Installation went perfectly; used battery charger during install. image image image Paolo
08-14-2015 102164 Redline SI-1. image Paolo
08-19-2015 102217 Tires getting close to replacement but otherwise balanced and wearing evenly. image Paolo
08-17-2015 102318 Car washed. image Paolo
09-29-2015 103646 Changed park lamps. One of the bulbs on the driver side had a broken filament. image image Paolo
10-03-2015 103747 Car washed. image Paolo
10-18-2015 104428 Car washed. image Paolo
10-23-2015 104564 Air pressure topped off. Was 29.0/34.5 now 33.5/37.5. Paolo
11-26-2015 105611 Air pressure topped off. Was 32.5/36.5 now 34.0/37.5 Paolo
12-12-2015 105971 Brake fluid flush with mityvac vacuum extension and ATE TYP 200. image image Paolo
12-12-2015 106005 Power steering flush CHF11S, 1x D&F. image Paolo
01-09-2016 106534 Applied rain-x and changed wipers. Used the same - Bosch Aerotwin in 24" (x2). image Paolo
02-07-2016 107407 Car washed and vacuumed. image image Paolo
02-27-2016 108091 Replaced rear tires. Also topped off rears at home after tire shop. Was 35.5 now 40.5 (warm inflation pressure). Front was 35.0 but wasn't touched by shop or myself. image image image Americas tire
03-25-2016 109422 Car washed. image Paolo
03-29-2016 109516 Replaced driver mirror turn signal due to water penetration/delamination on top seam. image image image Paolo
04-01-2016 109569 Replaced passenger fog light due to crack. This is the second time this has happened to this side. Some users on mbworld.org have also reported multiple cracking incidents on the passenger side fog light and ONLY that side. I'm guessing it's something with how it was designed or manufactured (i.e. defective from the factory). image image image Paolo
04-02-2016 109578 BG44k image Paolo
04-02-2016 109589 Car washed. Also polished oxidation on top of headlight lenses. Came off readily with scratch-x. image image Paolo
04-07-2016 109759 Steering wheel cleaned with Cole Haan leather cleaner. Sample cleaning between 12 and 1 image Paolo
04-08-2016 109767 Smog for registration, passed. image Paolo
04-08-2016 109771 Oil change and cleaned battery posts and clamp after discovering some corrosion the last time I disconnected the battery. Mann filter with M1 0w-40 image image image Paolo
04-10-2016 110000 image Paolo
04-11-2016 110196 Replaced cabin filter due to odors and (in my mind) weaker air coming from the vents image image image Paolo
04-18-2016 110477 Transmission fluid changed. OE parts and Fuchs Titan 4134. image image image Paolo
06-08-2016 112412 Replaced rotors (OE), pads (EUR1341), sensor (OE), bushing kits (OE). Rotated rears left to right. Adjusted parking brake per WIS. Untitled Untitled Untitled Paolo
06-11-2016 112535 Washed, clayed, polished and waxed. Untitled image Untitled Paolo
06-19-2016 112699 Amazon CANBUS LED for eyebrows. image image Paolo
06-22-2016 112750 Washed and vacuumed. Air pressure topped off. Was 31.5/35.5 now 34.0/39.0 image image Paolo
07-09-2016 113324 Replaced driver fog lamp H7 bulb image Paolo
07-10-2016 113356 Low coolant warning on dash. After cool down confirmed about 1cm below min. Drained ET then refilled to proper level. First top-off since new. image Paolo
09-09-2016 115530 Car washed image Paolo
10-01-2016 115989 Air pressure topped off. Was 29/30 34.0/33.5 now 34/38 Untitled Paolo
11-30-2016 116891 Car washed and vacuumed IMG_0972 Paolo
01-05-2017 119009 Topped off air pressure. Was 32.0/36.0 now 33.5/38.5. Also replaced spare tire nub that I broke a while back. Untitled Paolo
01-14-2017 119233 Replaced rear door pins due to a defect in the original design that causes it to split IMG_0014 IMG_0015 Paolo
01-19-2017 119372 Replaced sway bar links due to knocking, oil change and front tire rotation image image image Paolo
01-30-2017 119900 Checked bearing tolerances. Within spec of 0.01 - 0.02mm (actual 0.01) IMG_1032 Paolo
02-14-2017 120122 Car washed image Paolo
03-10-2017 120571 Replaced batteries in both keys Untitled Paolo
05-02-2017 122148 Front left side marker lamp went out, replaced both for uniformity. Car washed. Untitled Untitled Untitled Paolo
05-16-2017 122400 2 new front tires. Pressure set to 35/38, was 35.5/38.5 from tire shop after cool down. IMG_1225 America's Tire
05-29-2017 122718 Car washed. IMG_1228 Paolo
06-18-2017 123273 Replaced eyelid bulbs x4. Inner left went out. Untitled Untitled Paolo
08-08-2017 124682 Car washed. Untitled Paolo
08-19-2017 125081 Tire pressure topped off. Was 30/35.5 now 34.5/38.5 Paolo
09-12-2017 125743 Car washed. Untitled Paolo
10-22-2017 126706 Car washed. Untitled Paolo
11-27-2017 127357 Redid right rear tail lamp ground wire due to corrosion at aux wire contact @ carrier. A little over 3 years since I worked on it last. Paolo
12-11-2017 127688 Tire pressure topped up. Was 30/34 now 34.5/37.5 Paolo
12-21-2017 128026 Thermostat replaced, P0128 temp below thermostat operating temperature Untitled Untitled Untitled Paolo
12-22-2017 128061 Upper grooved idler and tensioner replaces, skateboard noises, idler worse than tensioner. Untitled Untitled Untitled Paolo
12-25-2017 128595 Car washed Paolo
12-28-2017 128675 Tensioner replaced. Metal pulley replacement was squeaking. Because I already threw away the old pulley I did not get to bring in a sample and get an exact replacement like I did the last time. So I got the whole tensioner to get the pulley as the cross references for this part are all metal. Untitled Paolo
01-01-2018 128712 Spark plugs (Denso Iridium Long Life 3441), Air filter (Wix 46799), Engine flush (Liqui Moly Pro Line), Oil (Pennzoil Euro 0w-40) and Oil filter (Hengst E11H02) Untitled Untitled Untitled Paolo
01-06-2018 128925 BG44K Untitled Paolo
01-26-2018 129435 Map update, 2015v14 to 2017v17 Untitled Untitled Paolo
04-18-2018 131926 Replaced headlight switch. Was mis-selecting settings. For example the right city lights would come on at random when the selector was at “0”. Untitled Untitled Paolo
04-22-2018 132048 Car washed Untitled Paolo
04-25-2018 132131 The story of the penny and the lighter socket Untitled Paolo
05-24-2018 133005 Flat repair. Untitled Americas Tire
05-27-2018 133161 Car washed Untitled Paolo