2003 BMW 325Ci (11/02 build)

Date Miles Work Performed Performed by
11-02-2002 0 Drive-Thru Tree Park, Leggett, CA Screen Shot 2013-10-05 at 1.13.07 PM Screen Shot 2013-10-05 at 1.13.58 PM Screen Shot 2013-10-05 at 1.14.25 PM BMW AG
12-16-2002 7 Warranty claim : 5113103700 Rain channel / roof trim strip loose. BMW NA
01-17-2004 14881 85990089MP 1st oil change; 10320105MP Full Maintenance Program. BMW NA
04-21-2005 22461 Warranty claim : 5412055200 Floating headliner / roller blind not opening; 6711011200 Actuator drive, central locking, front door permanent failure. BMW NA
04-21-2005 22461 85990089MP Maintenance Program - low annual mileage oil service M54B25 (3) BMA NA
12-19-2005 24359 Warranty claim : 0012100200 SIB #12-13-05 recall 05E-A01 Bremi Ignition Coils replacement; 6711011200 Actuator drive, central locking, front door permanent failure. BMW NA
12-19-2005 24359 34000077MP - Brake fluid change - full maintenance program; 34110077MP Front brake pads - maintenance plan BMW NA
03-22-2006 25075 61610077MP Front rubber wiper insert - full maintenance plan BMW NA
12-18-2006 27688 Warranty claim : 31120137SA Rubber bushing for wishbone loose. BMW NA
12-18-2006 27688 17110077SA Engine coolant change - maintenance plan; 61610077SA Front windshield wiper rubber insert - maintenance plan; 85990087SA Engine oil service (annual low mileage) - maintenance plan. BMW NA
04-11-2007 29903 Warranty claim : SIB #54-04-03 Sunroof Drive repair. BMW NA
11-20-2008 42502 Updated EGS (ZF 5HP19) transmission software from 7.523.489 to 7.546.103. BMW NA
01-03-2009 42542 New to me courtesy of Weatherford BMW. I purchased this car for my Mom in anticipation of her moving to the States, but those plans did not go through so it became my hobby car. Sport that farmer's tan. IMG_3321e copy Paolo
01-06-2009 42654 Clip for passenger door moulding. Removed moulding to adjust window alignment because it didn't fully seat into the channel.. Vendor : BMW of Concord Paolo
01-10-2009 42802 Filter kit. I should have known better than to pay dealer prices. Vendor : BMW of Concord Paolo
01-12-2009 42876 BMW Fuel System Cleaner (82140413341 ; repackaged Chevron Techron). Vendor : BMW of Concord Paolo
01-15-2009 42988 Serpentine and AC belts changed, 2 tensioners and idler pulley changed. 4 oil filter kits and 1 fuel filter also purchased. Peake Reasearch FCX-3 (code reader) also included in this purchase. Vendor : Pelican Parts Paolo
01-19-2009 44854 Changed 4 worn tires to Yokohama S-Drives. Loud and noisy but had a nice wide profile and tons of grip. Vendor : Discount ire and Wheel Concord IMG_3344e copy Jim
01-23-2009 44901 Purchased 9 extra clips for passenger lower sill that never sit flush since the car was purchased. Vendor : BMW of Concord Paolo
01-28-2009 44988 Additional payment for DMV registration by dealer. Vendor : Weatherford BMW Kathleen
01-29-2009 45002 Fan clutch and counter holder. Vendor : Pelican Parts Paolo
02-28-2009 45205 Replaced original water pump due to slight play. I used a new (not remanufactured) Graf unit. Also replaced idler and 2 tensioner assemblies. Also replaced thermostat as preventive maintenance as there was nothing wrong with it at the time of replacement. Paolo
01-31-2009 45433 Original Key case for the E46. Vendor : BMW of Concord Paolo
03-01-2009 45657 Brake fluid flush with ATE Super Blue. Used Motiv brake bleeder. Paolo
03-20-2009 45802 Spark plugs replaced, changed original Bosch plugs with NGK Laser Platinums BKR6EQUP. Steering Coupler (32301094703) also replaced. Paolo
03-22-2009 46101 Changed headlight lenses. Motiv Power Bleeder also included in this purchase. Vendor : Pelican Parts Paolo
03-30-2009 46873 Replaced VANOS piston seals as well as all related hardware (VCG, VCG grommets, VANOS gasket and VANOS oil line crush washers). I also purchased the left hand-threaded bolts for the VANOS pistons. I didn't break it upon removal, but replaced it anyway. Don't forget the RTV at the joints and half-moons. Permatex Sensor Safe copy Paolo
05-03-2009 47983 Replaced Transmission filter and gasket. (2x) Drain & Fill then replaced the filter for final D&F. Rubber gasket I used tore against the transmission body (rubber instead of OE paper) a few hundred miles later. It tore while parked after a spirited drive, probably due to metal contraction. Redline D4 for all D&F. Differential fluid also replaced with Redline 75w-90. Paolo
06-08-2009 48329 Transmission gasket and oil pan replaced after I got a leak from the first drain and fill. The old pan was corroded at the sealing surfaces and the aftermarket (rubber) gasket I bought tore and leaked. Redline D4 used. Vendor : Bmw of Concord Paolo
11-19-2009 54413 Changed the 4 S-Drives because of uneven wear (feathering) on all 4 tires. They were also very noisy and wore out quickly. Vendor : America's Tire Technician
11-30-2009 59104 Right rear wheel bearing replaced due to droning noise. Diagnosed with the sweeping turns method. Vendor : Les Schwab Nycol
12-15-2009 60013 Rebuilt DISA flap due to slight play between lever and flap. Used epoxy. Edit : Checked at around 100k and there is still no play between the rebuilt components; checked at 161k and still no play Paolo
02-25-2010 60223 Replaced windshield washer pump. I left it outside in sub-zero temperatures (24degF) and the ice killed the pump. I got into the car that morning and low washer light was on, plus the washer fluid was all under the car. I had a summer blend washer fluid in. I didn't think to put the winter blend in because it's California! Lesson learned - don't leave your car outside. I secured the headlight washer line while I was at it. I noticed some crusting where the hose meets the pump. Ebay for 9.95 delivered. Vendor : socalmotorsport Paolo
08-30-2010 67932 Subframe inspection due to class-action suit, Passed. (http://www.e46subframeclassactionsettlement.com/) Vendor : BMW of Concord Subframe Class Action 2 Paolo
10-31-2010 68101 Blew my Voltage Regulator on a spirited drive down from Tahoe. The car slammed into limp mode during acceleration and the cluster lit up like a Christmas tree. All the lights reset after a few seconds except the battery light, which gave me some indication as to what was going on. Symptoms point to a power spike from the VR, and the transmission operated normally after restart. After pulling over and checking for a thrown belt or popped transmission, I decided to continue the drive home. I made it two more hours on my oversized 49DL and it quit a few blocks from home where I safely coasted into a parking lot. I put our E90's battery in and drove it home. Also purchased a new Fan Clutch for the heck of it and 3 oil filter kits. Vendor : Pelican Parts BadVoltageRegulator2 copy Paolo
11-12-2010 70293 California Smog Inspection, Passed. BMW Smog 2010 BMW Smog 2010 copy Technician
11-24-2010 70487 Vehicle Registration California. Vendor : CA DMV Paolo
12-01-2010 70622 Added BMW Performance Intake. Got rid of a flat spot I was getting around 6k rpm at WOT. This airbox eliminated that flat spot. Vendor : ECS Tuning IMG_5114 copy Paolo
12-10-2010 71717 Installed BMW Performance Exhaust. I wanted to install myself but apartment complex was a concern. Re-adjusted after I got the car back. I was able to insert the connection another 3/4 inch. I also pushed up the entire pipe assembly before tightening the clamps. Vendor : Midas Paolo
12-19-2010 71753 Power steering reservoir seal purchased but never installed. Bought it as a backup for when it finally does leak. Purchased and installed M3 fuel baffle fixture for the fuel tank. I installed this after experiencing a hesitation after taking a long, accelerating right-hand sweeper in Davis, CA. Wiper blade assembly (set) also purchased. Vendor : Pelican Parts Paolo
12-24-2010 71856 Engine mounts replaced. Outgoing units were intact (fluid still inside) but had lost 1/4 to 1/2 inch in height. I am cautious because I have a mechanical fan that may make contact without properly functioning mounts. M3 Sachs-Boge units used. Lemfoerder ZHP Control arms installed, as well as standard Lemfoerder bushings. All unit tightened to spec. ZHP Arm Paolo
12-30-2010 71898 Front brake pads and sensor (one only for both sides) replaced. Textar pads, PEX sensor. Vendor : Pelican Parts Photobucket Paolo
02-12-2011 72100 Replaced oil level sensor after experiencing normal fault (yellow light after start). Also replaced the 3 nuts that hold it in. Vendor : Pelican Parts Photobucket Paolo
02-15-2011 72539 Preventive maintenance. Expansion tank, expansion tank thermostat and upper radiator hose. Vendor : Pelican Parts Paolo
04-03-2011 72960 Oil Filter Housing Gasket, along with sealing rings for the upper vanos hose connection which has to come out for the OFHG repair. Vendor : Pelican Parts Photobucket Paolo
04-15-2011 73405 Repaired rear deck to address fading. Photobucket  photo IMG_0763.jpg Paolo
04-26-2011 73813 (1) velcro floor mat fastener; (1) lower air intake tube; (2) expanding rivets; (1) key case for wifey; (1) cloth webbed tape 7.5M; (1) cabin filter; (1) OE aux cable; (1) windshield washer concentrate. Vendor : ECS Tuning Photobucket Paolo
05-09-2011 74295 LED Retrofit kit. I got DIS running because of this project. Changed coding options via the Retrofit path to avoid the bulb-out warning. LED tail lights were a gift from my wife. Vendor : getbmwparts Paolo
05-09-2011 74295 VAG-KKL cable with write capability purchased from user Adrian Evans from BFC. I used this with my DIS/GT1 setup, which I also got running from BFC. Vendor : Adrian Evans via Ebay Paolo
06-17-2011 75742 Tuff Stuff stain remover. Used for various random stains in the interior. Vendor : Car Quest Paolo
11-22-2011 81603 Changed 2 rear tires. Even and expected wear. Nothing negative to report. Funny story. I was supposed to buy new tires for the Benz, but I had the BMW's tire size in my head for some reason. Turns out the Bimmer's tires were worn to the bars, so the mistake was fortuitous. Falken ZE912s used for quietness. Vendor : America's Tire 325Ci Tire Wear 2 Paolo
11-24-2011 81677 Vehicle Registration California. Vendor : CA DMV Paolo
12-11-2011 82307 Serpentine and AC belts replaced, but only serpentine belt was worn and needed immediate replacing. Idler pulley also replaced. Side markers (middle of fender) also changed. Vendor : Pelican Parts; Serpentine & A/C pullies replaced with 89133s from Dayco (pulley only). Vendor : Rockauto 89133 PG 60946 Side Markers copy Paolo
12-23-2011 82752 Upstream oxygen sensors replaced. I suspect these are fake, but I am keeping them in there anyway and monitoring the output (fuel trims) via INPA. So far they have been ok. Vendor AutoPartPro via Amazon Photobucket Paolo
12-26-2011 82864 Repaired creaking front seats. Took both seats out and insulated the creaking control box for the electric seats. Vendor : None Paolo
12-28-2011 82938 Cover to the (B+) jumper terminal replaced. I broke this when I accidentally closed the hood on an open cover. No other damage other than a slight indent on the hood insulation material. Vendor : Pelican Parts Paolo
12-29-2011 82975 Front turn signals replaced. Filler cap replaced. Valve cover nut seals replaced along with VCG due to leak in front of engine. 2 oil filter kits also purchased. Vendor : RM European. Photobucket Paolo
12-31-2011 83049 Repaired sagging cloth liner on the bottom of the A-pillar. Stretched it and glued it to place. Looks like new with nothing spent other than already existing shop materials. Vendor : none IMG_0053 IMG_7604 Paolo
01-07-2012 83309 Tried Dr. Colorchip on hood strikes. Not so good. I think I would have been better off with normal touch-up paint from BMW. Vendor : Dr. Colorchip Paolo
01-08-2012 83346 Installed piezo buzzer from Radio Shack for lock/unlock chirping functionality. CIMG0400 Paolo
01-11-2012 83457 Spark Plugs, NGK Iridium IXs BKR6EIX (6418). I decided to try the Iridium spark plugs for this round. Vendor : Amazon via Amazon CIMG0418 copy Paolo
01-16-2012 83643 Lloyd's car mats to replace the original BMW car mats. The Lloyds were of higher quality, were much thicker, and came with no-slip anchors. The old BMW units had the velcro anchors tearing from the bottom. Paolo
01-30-2012 84162 Homelink GDO added. Purchased a used unit on eBay and it turned out well, unit looked new after cleaning. I got the newer unit with lit buttons and rolling codes. Vendor : luzsixty via eBay. Also purchased (1) oil filter kit; (1) gas tank cap (updated version plus my old one had cracking seals) and (1) cloth webbed tape 7.7M from ECS Tuning. Amount is for the total. Homelink copy Paolo
01-31-2012 84199 Leather shift knob (25167533347) added. Trunk Box (51472153676) added. Vendor : ebmwparts Paolo
02-07-2012 84459 Adapter (82110004073) to use the flashlight jack as an extra accessory plug (lighter socket). New rear view mirror (51167148838) with compass, alarm LED and rain sensor. Vendor : ebmwparts Paolo
02-07-2012 84459 Added bluetooth functionality with Parrot (CTPPAR007) system. I paired this with an Eclipse BT-E600 handsfree car kit. CIMG0421 copy Paolo
02-11-2012 84607 Friction insert clip (51458266814) replaced for front wood trim. Bought 2, replaced 1. Paper log book (80560444565) purchased but subsequently never used. Vendor : BMW of Concord Paolo
02-16-2012 84793 PDC installed. Buzzer from eBay and tapped to reverse lamps using appropriate T-connectors then insulated with BMW tape (I was able to keep the factory layout and look). I used the original bumper trim piece for the PDC units. I chose this solution for simplicity - the factory units involved taking the center console apart to run the wire for the PDC defeat switch and other wiring. photo copy 325Ci rear reduced Paolo
02-19-2012 84904 Front sway bar end links replaced with Lemfoerders. Oil filter kit also purchased with this order. Vendor : Pelican Parts Paolo
03-08-2012 85572 Changed water pump due to noisy bearing. Diagnosed and replaced on the same day. I went with an Autozone pump (AWP-882) based on a couple reviews and because I was in a pinch. On initial comparison it seems like a better built unit than the Graf unit I previously put in which only lasted 40k miles. Water Pump copy Paolo
02-22-2012 87260 Changed after discovering 2 front tires had premature and uneven inner tire wear. Used Falken ZE612s instead of my favorite ZE912s. Same tire but the 612s are exclusive to America's Tire. Vendor : America's Tire Daniel
02-22-2012 87261 Four-wheel alignment. They did a good job. Toe-only adjustments up front. Rear camber bolt and RTAB carrier tightened to spec (at my house) after the alignment. Camber bolt was under-torqued. Vendor : Alignment Services Walnut Creek. Zach
02-29-2012 87533 Brake fluid flush with ATE Typ 200. Used Motiv brake bleeder. I ended up using 3 cans because the blue dye from the previous flush was pretty hard to get clear. In the end I just lived with it - no harm if the color didn't completely clear up because the fluid itself was clear. The 3rd can used was Super Blue because I only had 2 cans of Typ 200 during the change. Paolo
03-01-2012 87617 Expanding rivets (51118174185) puchased for various uses, this one specifically for the carbon canister cover. Same clip is also used on the front bumper. New hub with chrome rings also purchased (new style) to replace the old worn out ones, as well as a new front roundel. Paolo
03-14-2012 87899 Spare expanding rivets (51471919209) for the front ram intake. Precautionary because I'm always removing it. Screws for the headlight (63126975083) replaced due to rust (aesthetic reasons only); DME computer fan (12907571019) replaced due to what I thought was noise coming from this unit, but preventive because it's known to fail on the E46; headlight gaskets (63128380210) replaced due to discoloration and heat cracking, and water pump pulley bolts (07119904524) to replace the old ones that were slightly bent due to pump pulley tool leverage. Paolo
05-18-2012 88205 Crank Case Vent valve (CCV) and associated hoses and parts. I also bought a disptick tube 0-ring but didn't install it because I decided not to remove the guide tube for now and just swing it out of the way for service. Vendor : thebmwpartstore CCV repair copy Paolo
05-29-2012 89052 Replaced fuel pump due to growling noises and fuel cut-off at WOT. This was the conclusion of trying to find those growling noises. I ended up replacing the DME fan, the CCV and related hoses, the fuel filter then this pump. Problem finally solved. BMA Parts did have the best price for the original VDO/Siemens pump. I bought the fuel filter also on this invoice, and I installed that first hoping I wouldn't have to get into the pump. Fuel Filter copy Untitled Paolo
06-27-2012 89689 Differential and Transmission service. New gasket, filter and bolts for the Transmission with Redline D4. New sealing rings for the differential with Redline 75w-90. New radiator cap and radiator drain plug also purchased. Drain plug not yet installed. Vendor : thebmwpartstore; fluids from Monument Car Parts ZF pan copy CIMG0474 CIMG0481 Paolo
07-08-2012 89930 Oil change with Mobil 1 TDT; Hengst filter CIMG0484 copy Paolo
07-10-2012 90171 Changed filter for BMW Performance airbox. I used a Napa Gold 6301 and it fit perfectly. From what I could tell it was exactly like the old filter, all the way to the paper material, filter "thickness" and pleat count. 6301 Napa Gold Paolo
07-24-2012 90691 BMW Scanner 1.4.0. Installed on Sony VAIO SR laptop with Windows 7 64-bit. This has been a very capable diagnosis and programming tool for the E46 and in many ways exceed the factory GT1 I used to have. Good Times - Original copy Paolo
08-23-2012 91803 Changed A/C blower motor due to chirping noise associated with a failed bearing. Replaced with Behr unit, which is also the outgoing part. This is listed as the blower for the X3 (64113453729) but it fits anyway because it is supplied with a new cradle. Cleaned IAT and MAF with CRC MAF cleaner while I had it apart. Blower motor opening Paolo
08-27-2012 91952 Headlight lenses replaced for second time. Previous replacement already had a lot of rock chips, plus running my lights in the daytime together with daylight heat was producing hairline fractures right where the beam is concentrated. After replacement I turned on my DRLs instead, with the brights running at 40%(?). Included some spare differential plug crush washers and transmission mounts in this purchase. New headlight lenses IMG_7144 Paolo
09-06-2012 92254 Replaced FPR vacuum line (rubber portion only) at F-connector junction. Even at this modest mileage that rubber just crumbled in my hands. I'll have to tackle the rubber lines for the SAP check valve another day - not in the mood to remove engine covers today which is what it will take to do it properly. I used vacuum line left over from my CCV replacement. Paolo
09-14-2012 92300 California Smog Inspection, Passed. BMW Smog 2012 BMW Smog 2012 copy Paolo
09-14-2012 92300 Vehicle Registration California. Vendor : CA DMV Paolo
09-23-2012 92755 Topped off tire pressures as per usual practice at start of season. Fronts have softened to 29.5 from 30.5. Inflated to 31 this time in preparation for colder temps. Rears softened to 33.5 from 35. Inflated to 35 again due to no rear load at most times. Paolo
10-18-2012 94533 Shock absorbers (rears) changed due to (what I felt was) excessive rebound when going through dips in the road at freeway speeds. The rear remained planted as evidenced by no tail jerking even at speed, but BMW recommends 100k intervals for shocks. Plus I was looking for a project. 1 tensioner pulley also purchased but not installed at this time. photo 3 copy new shock Paolo
10-19-2012 94538 Waxed with 3M Performance Finish. Paolo
12-08-2012 96934 Washed after rains, no vacuum. Paolo
01-13-2013 97911 Checked tire pressure as beginning of season practice. Fronts were 27.0, reinflated to 31.0 (1.0 above spec). Rears were 30.5, brought up to 35.5 spec (0.5 above spec) Paolo
01-26-2013 98118 Washed, vacuum, cleaned interior. Waxed with 3M Performance Finish. Paolo
01-30-2013 98144 Evac and recharge A/C system. 1.68lbs capacity, recovered 0.70lbs, 0.98lbs effectively added. Checked due to a faint moaning noise whenever the motor was cold (only during the winter, and only until the car warmed up). It's been like this for the past 5 winters. No leaks found, and no more noise after the recharge. Chad recommended to not replace the compressor saying it was still healthy. Chad @ AA-Automotive in Concord
02-19-2013 99219 Heater Water Valve replaced because I didn't think it was opening or closing fully, making the system unable to reach full cold or full hot. Replacement proved to be correct - system now gets really hot or really cold, depending on how I set it. Old Water Heater Valve New Water Heater Valve Paolo
02-20-2013 99225 Oil change, Hengst filter, 4 quarts Redline 5w-30, 3 quarts M1 TDT 5w-40. Oil Change Paolo
02-20-2013 99230 Removed IKE EEPROM checksum error with BMW Scanner 1.4.0. - recalculate checksum function on IKE module. Paolo
02-25-2013 99656 Steering wheel was getting worn, so I took the opportunity to swap it with the black-stitch M3 wheel. Old Wheel New Wheel Paolo
03-03-2013 100000 Milestone reached. 100,000 and going strong! IMG_7737 Paolo
03-04-2013 100085 Car washed, no wax or polish. IMG_7245 Paolo
04-02-2013 100165 Replaced starter due to a sticking Bendix drive, which manifested itself as a screech/crunch after start. Over the past year I could avoid the screech by releasing the ignition faster but recently I noticed I could not avoid it. Replaced with Autozone remanufactured unit, lifetime warranty. IMG_0325 Paolo
04-06-2013 100250 Added G.A.S. radiator cap to reduce pressure and hopefully prolong other components. IMG_7469 Paolo
04-10-2013 100404 Replaced center trim due to a deep scratch. I caused the scratch during the Bluetooth retrofit last year. IMG_7492 Paolo
04-13-2013 100424 Inflated fronts to 31, rears to 36. Front was 31.5, rear was 35.5. Didn't lose much since last tire check. Paolo
04-13-2013 100424 Adjusted trunk latch pin for proper alignment of trunk and crooked latch pin. IMG_7507 Paolo
04-13-2013 100427 Chevron Techron 20-gallon treatment added to tank before fillup. 1/4 left in tank at fillup. IMG_7503 Paolo
04-16-2013 100579 Inspected AC clutch bearing due to a roughness (I thought) I felt on the last belt change. I may have been wrong because it was smooth as glass today when I took it apart. I tried every which way to get that "rough" feeling but I couldn't replicate the issue. Paolo
04-22-2013 100710 Car wash only. No vacuum, polish or wax. IMG_0056 Paolo
05-07-2013 100887 Inspected hard fuel lines at fuel filter for contact against each other - all good. This is caused by incorrect placement of the fuel filter. Moving it forward too much will cause the intersecting hard fuel lines to touch each other. Paolo
05-14-2013 100947 Pretension and fore/aft window adjustment on passenger window after making custom tool. IMG_7843 Paolo
05-16-2013 101044 Ignition coils changed as a preventive measure and because I experienced a miss last week at startup. The misfire never came back (and didn't throw codes, either) and on that occasion I restarted and the misfire went away. But given how cheap the original Bosch coils are on Amazon I decided not to take any chances. In the afternoon I washed and waxed plus vacuumed interior. Also changed two broken clips on the door moulding from when I adjusted the window the other day. IMG_7860 IMG_7888 Paolo
05-17-2013 101049 G2P engine cleaner (1 bottle) at fill-up. I had about 1/8 left in the tank when I put the cleaner in and filled up. Paolo
05-21-2013 101213 Greased all keyholes (including ignition) Paolo
05-31-2013 101376 Replaced reverse lamps and the ten (10) clips that hold the trunk liner. I polished the holder contacts with my Dremel and applied dielectric grease. Paolo
06-05-2013 101384 Greased and packed strut mounts with Redline CV-2 Paolo
06-06-2013 101384 Added foam to bottom of ashtray for vibration preventive maintenance. IMG_8033 Paolo
06-10-2013 101641 Cleaned and conditioned front seats, shift boot, steering wheel, arm rest and all leather panels on front doors. Paolo
06-10-2013 101642 Washed, no polish or wax. Vacuumed carpet. Cleaned inside of wheels and inside of wheel well. 6.5hrs total time on the car today. Cleaning inside of wheel and well didn't look as stunning as I had imagined. It's definitely clean, but I'm not sure it's worth doing that going forward. Maybe every 5 years or something. Replaced missing screw from RF fender well. Repositioned strut cover on LF strut. It was riding too high on the bump stop. Tightened all fender liner screws in front wheel wells. Side note - wear on all tires is perfect. Paolo
06-14-2013 101999 Replaced mechanical fan (re-used my clutch which is still newish) as preventive maintenance. Also replaced rear view mirror base cover because of a broken clip when I took it apart last for the compass mirror retrofit. IMG_8068 Paolo
06-21-2013 102038 Drained and filled power steering fluid with Redline D4 Paolo
06-29-2013 102215 Spark plugs changed. Old NGK BKR6EIX replaced with Denso PK20TT. IMG_0107 IMG_0106 Paolo
07-03-2013 102470 Replaced windshield washer pump because of a leak in the pump seal (again). First changed with a Meyle unit in 2010, never again. I suspect Meyle is a German distributor but deals in second-rate parts. I used a VDO-Siemens (Contitech) brand this time and see if it lasts longer. The pump does sit inches from the exhaust manifold. IMG_8204 Paolo
07-05-2013 102828 Topped off tire pressure. Was 30.0/35.0 F/R; Now 31.5/36.5 F/R. Right rear was straggler at 34.5. Paolo
07-18-2013 103166 Cleaned rear window weather stripping. Rubber still tacky fresh from still being ok and belt dressing formula a wiped on in 2009. Paolo
07-25-2013 103398 Car washed; no vacuum, polish or wax Paolo
08-22-2013 103931 Refinished cabin filter housing cover. Fading removed. Paolo
08-25-2013 104520 Car wash only. Paolo
08-29-2013 104531 Replaced rear rotors and pads, adjusted parking brake, tightened differential cover (unrelated). Zimmerman rotors with Textar pads. IMG_8480 IMG_8482 IMG_8483 IMG_8489 Paolo
09-06-2013 104934 Replaced water pump due to leak at pump shaft (20k miles; AutoZone pump = garbage), it was throwing coolant around. I thought the thermostat was leaking so I also replaced it, but it was ok at closer inspection. I replaced the thermostat anyway because it already had 60k miles. I also replaced the upper and lower hoses. Autozone pump IMG_8514 IMG_8515 Paolo
09-16-2013 105771 Reset oil service indicator with Peake tool. I change oil every 10k but I haven't changed the interval from the factory 15k. IMG_8583 Paolo
09-19-2013 105809 Washed, waxed and vacuumed. IMG_0110 IMG_8597 Paolo
09-30-2013 106998 Door hinges and fuel door hinge lubricated with PB blaster (less than a drop). Paolo
10-10-2013 107350 Redline SI-1 Fuel System Cleaner added to 1/4 tank. Refilled tank at Shell station. Paolo
10-10-2013 107366 2014 registration received from DMV. Paolo
10-24-2013 108456 Car washed in preparation for upcoming suspension maintenance. Paolo
10-26-2013 108466 Changed transmission fluid from Redline D4 to D6, drain and fill only, 4.5 quarts; Replaced front struts with Sachs OEM 31312282459/460 (290949/950). IMG_8856 IMG_8850 IMG_8849 Paolo
10-29-2013 108884 Cleaned and conditioned leather seats with Cole-Haan leather cleaner. Paolo
11-01-2013 109069 Oil changed with M1 0w-40 (5 quarts) and Redline 5w-30 (2 quarts), Hengst filter. D&F of power steering fluid with Redline D4. IMG_8894 IMG_8896 Paolo
11-03-2013 109200 Topped off tire pressure for the season. Was 27/32 F/R, now 31.5/36.5. Paolo
11-24-2013 110427 Wash and vacuum. Adjusted car seat for higher notch on shoulder strap. Discovered mark of screw and edge of plate on rear bumper, probably from a parking lot somewhere (only visible if < 6 inches from your face). Paolo
11-29-2013 110639 D&F with Redline D6. This is the second D&F on D6, hopefully getting most of the old Redline D4 by now. In picture, change done and rolling off. Roll off Paolo
11-30-2013 111126 Replaced air filter with Wix 46301; swapped MAF with PG88105 to diagnose something. Untitled Untitled Paolo
12-08-2013 111126 LF was 30.5; RF was 30.0; LR was 35.0; RR was 23.5. Tires returned to 31.5/35.5 F/R. "23.5" on RR is not a type. This tire needs to be monitored for a slow leak. Paolo
12-11-2013 111126 Replaced VCG due to leak at 1-3 center VC bolts, primarily #1. Also rebuild SAP vacuum lines (4 hoses and 1 pipe) + the 2 vacuum caps behind the manifold. Untitled Untitled Untitled Paolo
12-13-2013 111211 New wiper refills, OE BMW. Wiper refills Paolo
12-14-2013 111216 Flat repair due to slow leak. America's Tire did the job and the tech was very knowledgeable and fantastic. Americas Tire
12-16-2013 111345 I traced a bad/shorted, pre-cat (and Fugazi!) O2 sensor which was blowing F4 on the DME fuse block, which now I know is the same F4 that powers the EGS module. This was causing the tranny cog to light up, bangs on shifts, and inability to communicate with the EGS. Cleared all fault codes from all modules after job completion. F4 on fuse block Genuine vs Fugazi O2 sensor Paolo
12-21-2013 111769 Replaced battery because it was coming up on 5 years old. Replaced Duralast 49-DL with Duralast Platinum H8-AGM. This battery is a perfect fit, as opposed to the 49-DL which required a shim under the battery bracket because it wasn't tall enough. Vent tube location and opening size is also just like the OE battery unlike the 49-DL which needed the supplied adapter and was on the side. Wife and Benny gift to me. Untitled Untitled Paolo
12-22-2013 111876 Vacuum carpets only. Paolo
12-23-2013 111876 Replaced ignition switch due to intermittent k-bus issues. Volume controls & cruise control buttons non-responsive (two occasions) and dashboard cluster reset while on the freeway (one occasion). Also conditioned steering wheel, shifter and hand brake (unrelated). Untitled Untitled Paolo
12-24-2013 112010 Flat repair from slow leak inspection. Everything good and repair is holding. Paolo
12-31-2013 112493 D6 fluid change for power steering (2 times), tightened strut tower bolts to verify bolt torque after suspension maintenance a few months ago (moved about 1/16 turn), greased ignition keyhole with Redline CV-2. Paolo
01-02-2014 112800 PS flush with D6 and added Lubegard as a trial. Lubegard also added to engine oil to try it out. Paolo
01-06-2014 113160 LR tire puncture. Unable to repair because it chewed up the inside of the tire. Purchased Falken 452 and threw it to 'spare' duty because the spare needed to be replaced from age. The old spare was original (still had factory weights) and needed to be used, had 1/4 tread life left, and is a match with the RR tread life. Nail America's Tire
01-06-2014 113163 Car washed, engine washed. Car stalled when picking up Benny because I got the crankshaft position sensor wet. Left it for a few minutes and started right up. Paolo
01-10-2014 113163 LR wheel and hub interface polished because I wasn't sure if the last tire guy did it. All pressures verified and returned to 31.5/35.5 F/R, waxed exterior and wheel. Paolo
03-06-2014 113715 Car washed only. Untitled Paolo
03-12-2014 114095 Checked exhaust CPS for oil wicking - all good. Checked because the other car developed this problem. Exhaust CPS Paolo
04-16-2014 114121 Topped off air pressure for the season. Inflated to 32.5/36.5, was 31.5/34.5. Paolo
05-03-2014 114500 Voltage check. image Paolo
06-08-2014 114645 Front pads (Akebono EUR781), rotors (Zimmerman Coat Z), caliper bushings (ATE), sensor (PEX) and bearings (FAG on the right, Koyo on the left). image image image image Paolo
06-08-2014 114810 Car washed. image Paolo
06-16-2014 115345 AC recharged. image image Paolo
07-03-2014 115852 Changed starter due to defective AutoZone starter I put in there 15k miles ago. Changed reinforcement pan bolts. Old AZ starter returned for $162. image image image Paolo
07-03-2014 115874 Tire pressure checked. Was 32.5/36.0 now 32.5/36.5. Not much change. Paolo
07-25-2014 117120 Redline SI-1 in preparation for CA SMOG. image Paolo
08-10-2014 117650 Cleaned and vacuumed. Front bumper aligned on left side. Discovered broken right fog light trim piece. Will replace on next parts order. image Paolo
08-24-2014 117724 Tire pressure topped off. Was 32.0/34.0 now 32.5/36.5. Paolo
08-31-2014 117751 SMOG check for vehicle registration, passed. image Paolo
10-03-2014 118880 Washed and waxed. image Paolo
10-15-2014 119448 Oil change. M1 0w-40 and Hengst filter. image Paolo
11-11-2014 120315 Topped off air for the season. Was 30.5/30.5 36.5/35.5, now 32.5/36.5. Paolo
12-28-2014 121015 Replaced power steering reservoir cap o-ring. I open my hood often so I was surprised to see it dry one moment and messy the next. I hope the replacement lasts just as long as the original one. image Paolo
01-07-2015 121500 Car washed. Paolo
01-31-2015 121518 Air pressure topped off. Was 31.0/31.0 35.0/34.5 now 32.5/36.5. Paolo
03-27-2015 123456 Milestone reached. Untitled Paolo
05-27-2015 125356 Changed foglamps. I've polished these once before and while you can get them clear, they'll never be new. Plus you can't clean the haze that develops on the reflectors. Old on the left, new on the right. image Paolo
05-27-2015 125356 Washed, vacuumed and waxed. [ https://youtu.be/HsnKPEvgY6o ] image Paolo
06-11-2015 125681 Air pressure topped off. Was 31.5/35 now 32.5/36.5. Paolo
06-19-2015 126275 PS flush with Redline D6. image Paolo
07-14-2015 126639 4 tires replaced. Some tires were starting to show belts (FR, RR). Others may have too but I did not inspect closer. Normal tire wear. 39k miles on front, 45k miles on rear. Tire pressure verified after 9 hours. Now 33.5/38.0. image image Paolo
07-19-2015 127095 Changed differential fluid with Redline 75w-90. image Paolo
08-29-2015 127579 BG44K. image Paolo
09-03-2015 127616 Added 1/2 quart. I was prompted by the low oil warning after ignition shut off. image Paolo
09-19-2015 128199 Air pressure topped off. Was 30.0/34.5 now 32.5/36.5. Paolo
10-17-2015 128933 Car washed and vacuumed. image Paolo
11-07-2015 129587 Oil changed. Mobil 1 0w-40 with BMW-branded Mann filter. image image Paolo
11-15-2015 129827 Air pressure topped off. Was 30.5/34.5 now 32.5/36.5. Paolo
11-22-2015 130000 Milestone reached. image Paolo
12-08-2015 130360 Brake bleed with optional mityvac extension. This is my first time doing it this way and I liked it. ATE TYP200 brake fluid replacing the old TYP200/Super Blue mix. image Paolo
01-15-2016 131593 Added strut tower caps. 8 bucks at the dealership and I don't have to empty that pool of water whenever I clean my engine bay. image image Paolo
01-19-2016 131915 Added Rain-X. Not much difference in clarity (in the rain) but I now have a chatter I didn't have before. Great. image Paolo
01-26-2016 132087 Car washed. Removed tar stains on the splash area behind the left tires. image image Paolo
02-27-2016 132643 Tire pressure topped off. Was 30.5/34.5 now 32.5/36.5 Paolo
03-28-2016 133311 Car washed. image Paolo
05-06-2016 133953 Checked connection for oil penetration at intake/exhaust VANOS solenoid and exhaust cam position sensor, no oil Paolo
06-04-2016 135160 Replaced FCAB lollipops (leaking), post-cat 02 sensors (preventive), front end links (knocking), crank position sensor (broken at neck; shorts out when wet), lower shaft assembly (knocking and general roughness) and steering giubo (preventive). Rotated front tires left to right. image Untitled Untitled Paolo
09-16-2016 135830 Rear ended. Repaired at a BMW CCRC. ($4800) in damages, $632 car seat compensation plus other allowances. [http://forum.e46fanatics.com/showthread.php?t=1108989&highlight=] IMG_0804 image Paolo
07-25-2016 136140 Tightened pan bolts to 10Nm after discovering oil stains on pan surface (see picture). It's not enough to drip or pool on your finger but enough to notice. Discovered by accident when I was under there doing the last FCAB job. In retrospect I should have used this value instead of the 6Nm I used because it always starts to leak a few years in. Untitled Untitled Paolo
08-02-2016 136521 Topped off oil by 0.5 quart. This is the second oil change that my car has consumed oil by mid cycle, translating to about 1 quart every 10k miles. image image image Paolo
08-22-2016 136809 Added about 2 cups of coolant. First top off since changing the water pump at 104934 Paolo
08-26-2016 136827 Topped off tire air pressure. Was 29.5/33.0 now 32.5/36.5 Paolo
09-09-2016 137068 Smog for registration, passed image image Paolo
10-18-2016 138003 Car washed Untitled Untitled Paolo
11-10-2016 138721 Prepped for Oregon. Topped off oil to full (450ml), tires to 32.5/36.5 (from 30.5/34.5), power steering and windshield fluid to top line. Did not touch coolant (filled recently) and brake fluid (level still at full) Untitled Paolo
11-11-2016 138737 Cleaned fogging under 3rd brake lamp. Cleaned it when I first got the car and it took 7 years to fog up again Untitled Untitled Paolo
11-15-2016 139498 Oil change. BMW filter with M1 0w-40. Liqui-Moly Pro-Line flush for 10 min before draining old oil Untitled Untitled Untitled Paolo
11-29-2016 139777 Car washed and vacuumed Untitled Paolo
12-06-2016 140075 Added grab handle on driver side. Some passengers had difficulty getting out of the rear seat recently IMG_0978 IMG_0982 Paolo
01-05-2017 141016 Topped off air pressure. Was 30.5/34.0 now 32.5/36.5 Paolo
01-08-2017 141016 Added coolant sticker Untitled Paolo
01-31-2017 141255 Busy day today. Intake and exhaust cam position sensors (oil ingress), VANOS oil hose (weeping), lower coolant hose temp sensor o-ring (flat) and VANOS intake solenoid o-ring (preventive due to removing it for intake CPS R&R). Also re-wrapped and re-routed engine harness wiring due to cracking, drain and fill of power steering fluid (D6) as part of repair and topped off coolant. Untitled Untitled Untitled Paolo
03-30-2017 143011 Car washed Untitled Paolo
03-31-2017 143012 Tire pressures checked. Within spec. Paolo
04-08-2017 143547 Changed power steering cap o-ring, leaking. Untitled Paolo
04-20-2017 144356 Replaced wipers, including arms. Old arms already had a lot of slop in the mechanism and were chattering. Untitled Paolo
04-25-2017 144659 Car washed, vacuumed and waxed. Battery desulfation, 40 hours Untitled Untitled Paolo
05-10-2017 144700 Fixed unsecured side skirt clip (passenger side front) from September 2016 repair Paolo
07-11-2017 147102 Added a little more than a pint of oil due to low level warning at shutoff. I'm now getting 7k before topping off, used to be 5k before the engine flush treatment. I'll do another flush on the next oil change to see if I can get it through the OCI (10k) without adding. Will report back. Paolo
08-08-2017 148183 Tire pressure topped off. Was 30/34 now 32.5/36.5 Paolo
08-10-2017 148252 Car washed and waxed. Untitled Paolo
08-27-2017 148620 Replaced power steering fluid, used D4 instead of D6 this time. Untitled Paolo
09-09-2017 149489 Oil changed. M1 0w-40, Mahle filter, liqui moly engine flush Untitled Paolo
12-09-2017 153138 Spark plugs changed. Got a misfire with fuel cutoff at cylinder 2 at redline on a spirited drive.

PK20TT at installation:

PK20TT around 51k miles later (cylinder 2, the most worn down of the 6):

Replacement IK20TT:
12-10-2017 153283 Tire pressure topped up. Was 27.5/31.5 now 32.5/36.5 Paolo
12-26-2017 153598 24 hour desulfation cycle Paolo
12-28-2017 153652 Idler pulley replaced. All other pulleys and accessories remain smooth with no play. Untitled Paolo
01-06-2018 154002 Car washed Untitled Untitled Paolo
01-13-2018 154188 BG44K Untitled Paolo
03-22-2018 155754 Replaced turn signal stalk and clock spring. I was feeling a non-audible click in the steering when turning. Upon examination of replaced parts I’ve determined it’s the clock spring. But the new turn signal is smoother and quieter so I can’t complain. Untitled Untitled Paolo
04-07-2018 155967 Tire pressure checked. 32.5/36.5 even. Paolo
05-06-2018 157063 Topped off A/C with 50g refrigerant/oil. Still cold, but I noticed a faint hissing by the expansion valve indicating low gas in my experience with the E46. Not bad, 4 years since my last top-off. Paolo
05-17-2018 157238 Replaced tensioner pulleys thinking the squeak I heard was coming from these. I thought I still heard the squeak for a brief moment after the repair but I will continue to observe. I am impressed with the C&U bearing quality. At 75k miles and still grease-packed whereas my original BMW pulleys were not as lucky. Untitled Paolo
05-22-2018 157427 Main tensioner squeaking. Initially replaced pulley but it was in perfect health. Tensioner mechanism itself suspect especially after noticing the grinding feel when detensioning. Replaced tensioner and converted to the hydraulic setup. Whole set was $85, mechanical tensioner would have been $45, so $40 to upgrade. Untitled Paolo
05-27-2018 157700 Car washed Untitled Paolo
06-02-2018 158025 Replaced FSR due to cyclic high/low fan speeds. Original unit. Surprised it lasted this long. Untitled Paolo
08-12-2018 159280 Oil changed. M1 0w-40 with a Mahle filter. Also added about 1.5qt of Pennzoil Euro 0w-40 because I ran out of M1. Untitled Paolo
08-13-2018 159280 Removed fogging behind the glass sandwiched between the 3rd brake lamp. Untitled Paolo
09-15-2018 159721 SMOG check. Passed. Also clayed, polished and waxed hard water stains on the entire right side after exposure to a sprinkler. Untitled Untitled Paolo
10-07-2018 159987 Car washed. Got lazy on the wax and vacuum. Next time! Untitled Untitled Untitled Paolo
10-14-2018 160033 Topped off coolant due to low coolant warning. Paolo
10-20-2018 160097 Brake fluid flush. Pentosin DOT 4 LV. Replaced torn nipple cap. Untitled Untitled Untitled Paolo
10-27-2018 160111 Tire pressure topped off. Was 27.5/31.5 (waited too long). Now 32.5/36.5. No variability in pressure loss, tires have no slow leaks. Car washed. Paolo
11-12-2018 160328 Driver and passenger airbags replaced per Takata recall. Untitled Paolo
01-06-2019 160460 Battery desulfation 36 hours. Untitled Paolo
01-08-2019 160521 Left front H7 lamp replaced Paolo
01-13-2019 160653 Tire pressure topped off. Was 30.6/30.6 (F) 34.4/34.2 (R). Now 33.0 (F) 36.0 (R). Paolo
05-26-2019 161473 Tire pressure checked, no air added. 33.0/36.0 front/rear. Paolo
06-02-2019 161720 Replaced B2S2 oxygen sensor due to P0161 (heater circuit). This is a continuation from failing to remove it preventively in June 2016. Frozen on with rounded edges, I got it to go using a heavy-duty clamp and using the transmission case against my ratchet to push down on the sensor as I turned. Untitled Untitled Untitled Paolo
06-30-2019 161800 Oil pan gasket, DISA o-ring, dipstick tube o-ring, rebuilt oil sensor conduit, replaced trunk lid handle/mechanism. Replaced lower intake boot and verified DISA vacuum and crank play. Still good. Untitled Untitled Paolo
07-07-2019 162562 Replaced driver low beam H7. Osram to Hella. Standard bulbs only. Untitled Paolo
07-22-2019 162860 Replaced RR bearing due to excessive run-out. Probably a bad install by the shop. This is why I do things myself. Bearing was still grease-packed but the axle nut was hand-tight, causing the 2-piece inner-race to open up enough for run-out. I probably could have gotten away with just torquing the nut back to spec. Replaced everything anyway. Bearing, hub, axle bolts, axle nut, retaining ring, rotors/pads/slide bushings/anti-rattle clips/rotor bolts/sensors (both sides), parking brake rebuild kit and lug bolts. Zimmerman rotors and Akebono pads. IMG_1551 IMG_1558 IMG_1562 Paolo
07-27-2019 163477 Air filter changed and oil pan gasket job inspected. Untitled Untitled Untitled Paolo
07-30-2019 163735 Alignment with Chris at Alignment Services in Walnut Creek. Took it in to verify alignment since I dropped the subframe and changed a rear wheel bearing for excessive runout. It's also been 7.5 years since the last alignment. Alignment was still ok so no adjustments made. Didn't get charged by the owner. Thanks Chris! Untitled Chris at Alignment Services in Walnut Creek
08-09-2019 164500 What was old is now new. Also replaced the light assemblies. Replaced cracking rear speakers with updated part number. Untitled Untitled Untitled Paolo
08-10-2019 164797 MOS2 additive. Untitled Paolo
08-17-2019 165343 Electric fan conversion. Untitled Untitled Paolo
09-1-2019 166250 Air pressure topped off. Was 30.4/33.7 now 32.5/36.5 Paolo
09-06-2019 166983 Checked exhaust vanos solenoid and lower radiator hose temp sensor for harness oil ingress. No penetration. Couldn’t check intake vanos due to odd angle and hot engine. Paolo
10-13-2019 169345 Oil change, differential fluid change and transmission drain and fill. M1 0w40 with Mann filter, Redline 75w90 and Redline D6, respectively. Untitled Untitled Untitled Paolo
10-17-2019 169745 Car washed, no vacuum. Untitled Paolo
10-19-2019 170100 Buttonwillow Race #13, HPDE Untitled Paolo
10-20-2019 170633 Reverse bulb replaced due to right being out. DIscovered it was a bad connection due to corrosion from high heat due to high resistance or grease in the sockets (my fault). Replaced bulbs, polished connections and applied DeoXIT to the contacts. Replaced Philips 12498 (21W) for Sylvania 1156 (26.9W). Untitled Paolo
10-29-2019 171356 Greased glovebox keyhole. Paolo
12-07-2019 173501 Air pressure topped off. Was 30.5/33.5. Now 32.5/36.5. Paolo
12-08-2019 173501 New wiper assemblies. Paolo
12-08-2019 173514 Battery replaced. The usual gremlins started to appear like the loss of steering wheel radio controls after a long weekend. 6 years old. H8 AGM Duralast same as the previous battery. Probably could have lived with the gremlins to get another year out of it but I wanted 100% functionality. Untitled Untitled Paolo
01-11-2020 174388 4 new tires. Old ones were starting to slip in the rain even though it still had some tread left. Untitled Paolo
01-17-2020 175100 Replaced trunk struts because it was no longer properly supporting the trunk. Untitled Untitled Paolo
02-02-2020 176206 1.) Sealed front seat bolster seams. Burned off frayed fibers with a lighter and sealed with super thin super glue. 2.) Oiled front seat tilt mechanism to get rid of squeaking. 3.) Oiled trunk hinges for smoother operation. Untitled Paolo
03-06-2020 177035 Replaced PS reservoir o-ring since it started weeping again. Viton replacement courtesy of Knight on E46 Fanatics. With some luck this may be the last time I replace this! Untitled Untitled Untitled Paolo
03-26-2020 177161 Checked tire pressure. Checks out at 32.0/36.0. Paolo
05-11-2020 177765 Replaced engine bay weatherproofing above headlight due to rot. Also replaced broken battery cable clip when applying Deoxit to positive jumper cable connection.

Untitled Untitled Untitled

06-13-2020 178745 Replaced windshield cowl due to fading, 3rd light headliner due to sagging and front bumper reflectors due to age. Untitled Untitled Untitled Paolo
07-08-2020 178915 Capped holes with BMW blind plugs. These came open from the factory but I said why not. Untitled Paolo
08-02-2020 179220 Oil change. Mobil 1 0w-40 and 1 can of Ceratec. Untitled Untitled Paolo
08-02-2020 179235 Techron


09-04-2020 180217 Remedied collapsing brake booster hose with a splicer and single-use clamps.


09-14-2020 180370 SMOG, passed.


09-19-2020 180466 Replaced dipstick o-rings. Preventive. Starting to get rid of my E46 parts stash or I'll never get to use it.